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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Mar-2010Anthelmintic efficiency of Flemingia vestita (Fabaceae): effect of genistein on glycogen metabolism in the cestode, Raillietina echinobothridaTandon, Veena; Das, Bidyadhar; Saha, Nirmalendu
26-Mar-2010Organization of nervous system in lytocestus indicus (Cestoda: Caryophyllidea)Lyngdoh, Radiancy D; Tandon, Veena
27-Mar-2010The host-parasite interface-a SEM study of lytocestus indicus, a caryophyllidean cestode of cat-fishBhattacharjee, Reba; Tandon, Veena
29-Mar-2010Surface topographical and ultrastructural studies on a caryophyllidean cestode, lytocestus indicus (lytocestidae)Lyngdoh, Radiancy D; Tandon, Veena
29-Mar-2010Nervous system in the monozoic cestode, djombangia penetrans (Caryophyllidea) as revealed by nonspecific esterases and cholinesterase activityLyngdoh, Radiancy D; Tandon, Veena
16-Dec-2010Anthelmintic efficacy of Flemingia vestita (Fabaceae): alteration in the activities of some glycolytic enzymes in the cestode, Raillietina echinobothridaDas, Bidyadhar; Tandon, Veena; Saha, Nirmalendu
16-Dec-2010Phytochemicals from flemingia vestita (Fabaceae) and stephania glabra (Menispermeaceae) alter cGMP concentration in the cestode raillietina echinobothridaDas, B; Tandon, Veena; Lyndem, Larisha M; Gray, Alexander I; Ferro, Valerie
16-Dec-2010Effect of isoflavone from flemingia vestita (fabaceae) on the Ca2+ homeostasis in raillietina echinobothrida, the cestode of domestic fowlDas, Bidyadhar; Tandon, Veena; Saha, Nirmalendu
27-Oct-2010Anthelmintic efficacy of flemingia vestita (Leguminoceae): genistein-induced alterations in the activity of tegumental enzymes in the cestode, raillietina echinobothridaPal, Papri; Tandon, Veena
22-Nov-2010Effects of phytochemicals of flemingia vestita (fabaceae) on glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase and enzymes of gluconeogenesis in a cestode (raillietina echinobothrida)Das, B; Tandon, Veena; Saha, Nirmalendu