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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Apr-2010Rapid in vitro clonal propagation of mantisia spathulata Schult, a rare and endemic plant of Northeastern India for recoveryTandon, Pramod; Bhowmik, Sudipta Shekhar D; Mao, Ashiho A; Kumaria, Suman
10-Apr-2010Nymphaea tetragona, a rare and endangered plant of Meghalaya, IndiaTandon, Pramod; Dang, J C; Kumaria, Suman
13-Apr-2010In-vitro conservation of some commercially important orchids of North-East IndiaKumaria, Suman; Corrie, Shashi; Sharma, Abha; Tandon, Pramod
16-Apr-2010Threats to plant diversity in high altitudes of North-East India and conservation of rare and endangered plants using biotechnological approachesTandon, Pramod; Kumaria, Suman
13-Apr-2010Induction and maturation of somatic embryos from intact megagametophyte explants in Khasi pine (Pinus kesiya Royle ex. Gord.)Choudhury, Hiranjit; Kumaria, Suman; Tandon, Pramod
3-May-2010Orchids: The world's most wondrous plantsKumaria, Suman; Tandon, Pramod
7-May-2010Effect of growth regulators on peroxidase, polyphenol oxidase, and IAA-oxidase activities and phenolic contents during protocorm development of dendrobium fimbriatum var. Oculatum H K. F.Kumaria, Suman; Tandon, Pramod
14-May-2010Activities of some oxidative enzymes in axenic cultures of protocorms of cymbidium giganteum wall. As influenced by different growth regulators.Kumaria, Suman; Chrungoo, Nikhil K; Tandon, Pramod
3-Aug-2010In vitro propagation and conservation of dendrobium lituiflorum lindl through protocorm-like bodiesDas, Meera Chettri; Kumaria, Suman; Tandon, Pramod
4-Jun-2010Prospects of plant conservation biotechnology in India with special reference to northeastern regionTandon, Pramod; Kumaria, Suman