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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Ethno-medical beliefs and practices among the MizosLalmuanpuii, Julia; Lamin, Henry (Supervisor)
2019Significance of bamboo in Khasi cultureKharkongor, Peacefully; Ranjan, Geetika (Supervisor)
2019Studies on the microbiology of traditional fermented soybean foods of North-East IndiaThokchom, Sharmila; Joshi, S. R. (Supervisor)
2019Molecular cytogenetic studies on inter-and intraspecific variation in vigna species from North-East IndiaAnju, Shamurailatpam; Rao, S. Rama (Supervisor)
2019Mass propagation of panax species of North-East India through somatic embryogenesisKharwanlang, Ladaplin; Tandon, Pramod (Supervisor); Das, Meera C. (Joint Supervisor)
2019Clonal propagation and cryopreservation of Dendrobium longicornu Lindl. and Dendrobium formosum Roxb: Two endangered orchids of North-East IndiaDohling, Stadwelson; Kumaria, Suman (Supervisor); Tandon, Pramod (Joint Supervisor)
2019In vitro propagation of Dendrobium Hookerianum Lindl., a threatened orchid of northeast India and enzymatic studies during different stages of its developmentPaul, Sumi; Kumaria, Suman (Supervisor); Tandon, Pramod (Joint Supervisor)
2019Micropropagation and conservation of critically endangered Mantisia spathulata Schult. and Mantisia wengeri Fischer (Zingberaceae) of North-East IndiaDas Bhowmk, Sudepta Shekhar; Tandon, Pramod (Supervisor); Kumaria, Suman (Joint-Supervisor)
2019Molecular marker-based characterization of saponin rich genotypes of Paris Polyphylla SM. from North-East IndiaDevi, Khumuckcham Sangeeta; Tandon, Pramod (Supervisor); Kumaria, Suman (Joint Supervisor)
2019Identification and characterization of novel antifungal peptides from selected plant species of North-East IndiaPathaw, Neeta; Chrungoo, N. K. (Supervisor)