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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Synthesis, structural assessment and some reaction profiles of peroxo complexes of V, Mo and UO2 2plus, a fluoro compound of Cr, and mixed_ligand molecular complexes of the type M _acac_2_dmpz_n, _dmpz equals 3, 5_dimethylpyrazole, M equals Mn, Co, Ni: n equals 2, m equals VO2plus: n equals l, and M equals UO2 2plus; n equals 4Dey, Deepa
1992Kinetics of oxidation of amino acidsKarim, Enamul
1996Some aspects of mixed_ligand complexes of manganese, peroxo compounds of molybdenum and biomimetic chemistry of vanadium bromoperoxidaseMandal, Gagan C
1995Part A: synthetic studies on lead IV acetate oxidations: studies on 1, 2_carbonyl transpositions and related reactions, Part B: development of general methods for the synthesis of diaryl methanes and stilbenes from azinesVattakunnel, Felix Mathew
1997Radiation induced modification of some dielectric solidsSinha, Dipak
1999I: synthetic investigation on aromatic and heteroaromatic annelation reaction, ii: hydrogen peroxide or boric acid oxidations of organic substratesRoy, Amrita
1996Cycloaddition reactions of various 1, 3-diaza-1, 3-butadienes and imines in heterocyclic synthesisSharma, Arun Kumar
1996A study i on the micellization behaviour of surfactants in aqueous electrolytic solutions and ii on the indicator equilibria in micro emulsion mediaPaul, Babul Chandra
1997New synthetic strategies for heterocycles of biological interestRao, Mandava Venkata Basaveswara
1996Theoretical investigation on the role of modified DNA for carcinogenesis by polycyclic aromatic aminesSengupta, Jayati