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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Dec-2010Trematodiasis in North-East India: A study on the spectrum of digenetic trematodes among pigs, buffaloes, cattle goats and sheepRoy, Bishnupada; Tandon, Veena
9-Dec-2010Usefulness of tetramethylsilane in the preparation of helminth parasites for scanning electron microscopyRoy, Bishnupada; Tandon, Veena
16-Dec-2010Occurrence of orthocoelium dinniki eduardo, 1985 and orthocoelium parvipapillatum (Stiles and Goldberger, 1910) eduardo, 1985 among bos indicus and ovis aries in IndiaRoy, Bishnupada; Tandon, Veena
15-Dec-2010Hookworm infection: prevalence among the tribal populations of Meghalaya (Northeast India) and development of the infective stage larvae under varied environmental conditionsLyndem, Larisha M; Tandon, Veena
16-Dec-2010Hookworm infection among the rural tribal populations of Meghalaya (North-East India)Lyndem, Larisha M; Tandon, Veena; Yadav, Arun k
16-Dec-2010On the present status of caryophyllidea with a report on some caryophyllid infections in the fresh-water catfish clarias batrachus (L.) in North-East India and a record of an anomalous formChakravarty, Reba; Tandon, Veena
17-Dec-2010Seasonal prevalence of some zoonotic trematode infections in cattle and pigs in the North-East montane zone in India.Roy, Bishnupada; Tandon, Veena
16-Dec-2010Anthelmintic efficacy of Flemingia vestita (Fabaceae): alteration in the activities of some glycolytic enzymes in the cestode, Raillietina echinobothridaDas, Bidyadhar; Tandon, Veena; Saha, Nirmalendu
16-Dec-2010Phytochemicals from flemingia vestita (Fabaceae) and stephania glabra (Menispermeaceae) alter cGMP concentration in the cestode raillietina echinobothridaDas, B; Tandon, Veena; Lyndem, Larisha M; Gray, Alexander I; Ferro, Valerie
28-Apr-2010On two new species of the trematode genera, opisthioparorchis wang, 1980 and batrachotrema dollfus and Williams, 1966 (Batrachotrematidae), with a report from a chinese species of opisthioparorchis from anuran amphibian hosts in IndiaTandon, Veena; Imkongwapang, R; Prasad, Pramod Kumar