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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Apr-2010Spectrum of helminth parasites in North-East IndiaTandon, Veena
7-May-2010Anthelmintic efficiency of Flemingia vestita (Fabaceae): alteration in the activities of some glycolytic enzymes in the cestode, Raillietina echinobothridaDas, B; Tandon, Veena; Saha, Nirmalendu
7-May-2010Anthelmintic efficiency of Flemingia vestita (Fabaceae): alteration in glucose metabolism of the cestode, Raillietina echinobothridaDas, Bidyadhar; Tandon, Veena; Saha, Nirmalendu
24-Apr-2010Fine topography of tegumental surface of olveria indica, a rumen parasite of cattleTandon, Veena
5-Apr-2010Surface morphology of gastrodiscoides hominis (Lewis and Mcconnell, 1876) leiper, 1913 (Trematoda: Digenea) as revealed by scanning electron microscopyTandon, Veena; Maitra, S C
28-Apr-2010Natural infection of sparganum in frogs in Nagaland (Northeastern India) - an amphibia-borne zoonosis?Tandon, Veena; Imkongwapang, R
9-Apr-2010Some histochemical studies on calicophoron calicophorum and paramphistomum epiclitum (Paramphistomatidae : Digenea : Trematoda)Tandon, Veena; Vaidya, Jagdishwari
21-Apr-2010Observations on the neurosecretory cells of the sheep's rumen fluke, paramphistomum epiclitum fischoederTandon, Veena; Bhutia, Pasang Tshering
24-Apr-2010No nerves in trematodes, too! NADPH-diaphorase activity in adult Fasciolopsis buskiTandon, Veena; Kar, Pradip Kumar; Saha, Nirmalendu
2-Dec-2010Morphological and microtopographical strain variations among fasciolopsis buski originating from different geographical areasRoy, Bishnupada; Tandon, Veena