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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Apr-2010Induction of somatic embryogenesis in Khasi pine (pinus kesiya) from secondary needlesDeb, Chitta Ranjan; Tandon, Pramod
13-Apr-2010Bioinformatics in biodiversity managementTandon, Pramod; Bhattacharjee, Pallavi
13-Apr-2010Conservation and sustainable development of plant resources of North East IndiaTandon, Pramod
16-Apr-2010Incorporation of fluorescein-conjugated anti-mouse immunoglobulin G into permeabilized Nicotiana tabacum BY-2 cellsTandon, Pramod; Ishikawa, Masaya; Komamine, Atsushi; Fukuda, Hiroo
16-Apr-2010Cryopreservation of bromegrass (Bromus inermis Leyss) suspention cultured cells using slow prefreezing and vitrification proceduresIshikawa, Masaya; Tandon, Pramod; Suzuki, Mitsuteru; Yamaguishi-Ciampi, Ana
16-Apr-2010Threats to plant diversity in high altitudes of North-East India and conservation of rare and endangered plants using biotechnological approachesTandon, Pramod; Kumaria, Suman
13-Apr-2010Induction and maturation of somatic embryos from intact megagametophyte explants in Khasi pine (Pinus kesiya Royle ex. Gord.)Choudhury, Hiranjit; Kumaria, Suman; Tandon, Pramod
16-Apr-2010Incorporation of antibodies into tobacco cells treated with solutions similar to vitrification solutionsTandon, Pramod; Ishikawa, Masaya; Komanine, Atsushi; Fukuda, Hiroo
16-Apr-2010Sulfhydryls and leaf gall formation in cinnamomum tamalaJoshi, S C; Tandon, Pramod
20-Apr-2010Mass clonal multiplication of the threatened Indian insectivorous plant (Nepenthes Khasiana Hook F.) Through shoot bud cultureTandon, Pramod; Rathore, T S