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Title: Good reading
Authors: Townsend, Atwood H.
Lewis, Norman
Hankins, John H.
Simpson, Adelaide D.
Smith, S. Stephenson
Wolfe, Don M.
Zucker, Louis C.
Greene, William C.
Dix, William S.
LeComte, Edward S.
Jenkins, Raymond
Westfall, Alfred
Rose, Lisle A.
Goodrich, Charles B.
White, Robert Clarke
Kingery, Robert E.
Lyle, Guy R.
Manchego, Jorge A.
Peden, William
Knowles, Edwin B.
Melvin, Harold W.
Mead, Douglass S.
Nyland, Waino S.
Williams, Howard D.
Locke, Alain
Hoole, W. Stanley
Anderson, Sylvia F.
Winslow, Anne
Thomas, Daniel H.
Bailey, J. O.
Donahue, Thomas L.
DeLaBarre, Cecil F.
Hawes, Marion E.
Linton, Ralph
Reed, S. W.
Whitford, Robert C.
Townsend, Atwood H.
Noov, Winifred Ver
Shaw, Charles B.
Rothe, Anna
Edman, Irwin
Erskine, John
Fisher, Dorothy Canfiels
Keywords: How to use good reading
Reading better and faster
100 significant books
Key to inexpensive editions
The middle ages
The renaissance
Tudor England
The 17th century
The 18th century
American novels, 19th century
British novels, 19th century
Continental novels, 19th century
American novels, 20th century
British novels, 20th century
Continental novels, 20th century
The Orient
The short story
The drama
Essays, letters, and criticism
Humor and Satire
The fine arts
Social geography
Physical sciences
Biological sciences
Anthropology and sociology
Reference books
Pamphlet series
Unrequired reading
The good reader
To keep alive, one must read
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: The New American Library
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