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Title: Development of libraries in India
Authors: Tagore, Rabindranath
Sharma, Jagdish Saran
Datta, Bimal Kumar
Hingwe, K S
Gupta, K B
Misra, J
Bhatia, Sant Ram
Shrimali, Shankar
Gupta, D
Bhagi, M L
Korulla, O M
Kulkarni, V V
Saxena, R S
Venkatesan, P
Trehan, G L
Pandya, N I
Adhikari, P S
Chatterji, N N
Dixit, K B
Narasimha, S L
Sekhon, S S
Goyal, Sat Paul
Ghugre, D G
Kulkarni, P D
Singhvi, M L
Kaula, P N
Venkatachari, P N
Kalia, D R
Sharma, D C
Gujarati, B S
Mittal, R L
Bedi, Pritam Singh
Tandon, M M L
Shukla, C P
Bannerjee, B N
Rastogi, V S
Vishwanathan, C G
Kanchanlal, Vidyut
Bannerjee, P K
Srivastava, Anand P
Lamba, Saroj
Bhargava, G D
Ali, Muzaffar
Bashir-ud-din, S
Krishan, Bal
Primlani, S H
Bhatkal, Sadanand G
Waknis, T D
Kohli, A B
Rao, K Rama Krishna
Majumdar, H K
Mulay, Y M
Keywords: Functions of library
One village: One library
Indian university libraries and their problems
Librarianship-Its new concept
Visit to a school library in U S A
University library
Development of libraries in India
Role of public libraries
Growth of public libraries in U P
Libraries and reading habits
University libraries and educational development in India
Indexing and abstracting
Reference service in Libraries
Problems in librarianship
Library legislation
College libraries
Libraries n ancient and medieval India
Some problems of public libraries in India
Librarianship- A new outlook
Agricultural libraries in India
College libraries
Libraries in ancient and medieval India
Librarianship- a new outlook
Agricultural libraries in India
Medical libraries in modern India
Ranganathan's contribution towards social educatiopn
Changing concept of obscenity
Library legislation in India
Reference librarian and the staff
University library syatem
Facets and phases of Indian library development
Profession of librarianship
Philosophy of public librarianship
Ethics of librarianship
Khow thy reader
Delhi public library
Documentation services in India
Library and the loss of books
Rise of science-technology libraries in India
Library administration: A new outlook
My experiments of an American university library
Library training in India
University librarianship in India
Place of photographic reproductions in libraries
Public libraries in India-A review
Oriental librarianship
Education for librarianship in India
Museum libraries
Librarian and his purchases
Libraries and the booktrade
Library science in India
Librarianship: A thankless and rewardless profession
Philosophy of librarianship
Professional training of staff
library and the librarian
Professional training of staff
Books on library science
Journals on library science
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