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Title: Allahabad university studies, Volume X
Authors: Kapoor, O B L
Katre, S L
Mathur, Suresh Chandra
Jung, M U S
Kaul, R K
Tewari, Jamuna Datt
Prakash, Satya
Verma, Harkumar Prasad
Ghatak, Nrendranath
Gaind, Kedar Nath
Dutt, Sikhi Bhushan
Ram, Atma
Palit, C C
Clement, R
Keywords: Philosophy
Mystic philosophy
Avataras of God
Relations of the East India company
Nawab Wazirs of oudh
Muslim law of inheritance
Synthesis of some optically active coloured compounds from I-menthylhydrazine
Aromatic aldehydes
Formation of organic jellies
Induced oxidation of glucose in presence of Glutathione acting as inductor
Chemical examination of the seeds of Abrus Precatorius
Linn The colouring matter of the seed-coat
Metallic thorium as a synthetic reagent in organic chemistry
Presence of formaldehyde in the Solar and terrestrial atmosphere
Problem of carbon assimilation
Photochemical reduction of carbonic acid
Carbonates and bicarbonates
Induced and photochemical oxidation of sadium tartrate
On the cytop,asmic inclusions in the oogenesis of sciurus pakmarum
Issue Date: Aug-2017
Publisher: Senate House (1934)
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