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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1981Studies on the ecological and cultivational aspects of solasodine yielding solanums of MeghalayaDeb, Monojit
1980Study on the monocot flora of MeghalayaMyrthong, Spenliwell
2019Functional characterization of an endosperm specific promoter P1028 from common buckwheat (Fagopyrum Esculentum Moench) for driving tissue specific gene expressionDohtdong, Lashaihun; Chrungoo, N. K. (Supervisor)
2019Effect of forest fragmentation on vascular plant diversity in Khangchendzonga Biosphere Reserve, Sikkim with emphasis on regeneration of some important taxaChettri, Arun; Barik, S. K. (Supervisor)
2019Analysis of genetic diversity and phylogenetic relationship in the genus nymphaea using DNA profilingDkhar, Jeremy; Tandon, Pramod (Supervisor); Kumaria, Suman (Joint Supervisor)
2019Molecular analysis of carotenoid biosynthesis pathway in rice (Oryza sativa L.)Chettry, Upsana; Chrungoo, N. K. (Supervisor)
2019Diversity of wood-rotting macrofungi of East Khasi hills and decay potential of selected fungal speciesLyngdoh, Aroma; Dkhar, M. S. (Supervisor); Kayang, H. (Joint Supervisor)
2019Isolation and functional characterization of novel abundantly expressed seed storage protein genes in maturing grains of common buckwheatJamir, Cressida; Chrungoo, N. K. (Supervisor)
2019Characterisation of diversity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi associated with Oryza Sativa L. in Ri-Bhoi district, MeghalayaNongkling, Pynbeitsyon; Kayang, H. (Supervisor)
2019Biotechnological enhancement of capsaicin biosynthesis in cell cultures of Capsicum Chinense JACQKehie, Mechuselie; Tandon, Pramod (Supervisor); Kumaria, Suman (Joint-Supervisor)