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Title: Where lies the soul of our race
Authors: Roy, U Hipshon, Ed.
Keywords: The Khasis by U Hipshon Roy
The Seng Khasi by Kynpham Singh
The Seng Khasi in India joins IARF
The rudiments of Khasi law of inheritance by C Lyngdoh B L
Shad suk mynsiem (The thanksgiving dance) by Kynpham Singh
The birth of Seinraj by H Rymbai
Origin and development of Seng Khasi by I J S Jaswal
Khasi religion
Where lies the soul of our race by H O Mawrie
The pious and the religious by U Hipshon Roy
What is there in the IARF by H O Mawrie
Experience with openness in the IARF Congress by U Hipshon Roy
Spot light on the theological conference: Belgium- Heterogenous structures of thinking by Peter Gerlitz and Comment on the above paper by H O Mawrie
A short view of the Khasi religion by H O Mawrie
Hello from Wales: An encounter
IARF member group profiles (4 groups from India)
Excerpts from the issue of the IARF tidings: IARF congress 1981
A glimpse of the IARF Commissions
The Liberal Protestant Church of Brussel
Mawrie's speech at the Indian Tribal cultural forum- Itanagar 1980
Mawrie's speech at the Jeliangrong Heraka Association Conference, 1981
First freedom of Religious Act-America, 1786
Israel's freedom of Religious Bill
The Arunachal Pradesh (India) freedom of Religious Act
Issue Date: 2015

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