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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Mar-2010Demystifying some Ethnographic texts on the HimalayasSubba, T B
22-Mar-2010Following the trail: interpretation of texts in anthropologySubba, T B
27-Mar-2010Social aspect of tourism development in Darjeeling.Subba, T B
27-Mar-2010Tourism and development in a Himalayan Border Area of IndiaSubba, T B
27-Mar-2010Matriliny, reproductive health and reproductive rights an essay on the Khasis of Meghalaya, Northeast IndiaSubba, T B
27-Mar-2010Forest conservation in Himalaya: with special reference to North East IndiaSubba, T B
27-Mar-2010Social-cultural aspects of Sikkim: Chie nakane reexaminedSubba, T B
27-Mar-2010Tribal' development in Sikkim: a tale of unused experiencesSubba, T B
27-Mar-2010Designing destinations: advertising and touristic desireSubba, T B
27-Mar-2010Interethnic relationship in Northeast India and the ''Negative Solidatity'' thesis.Subba, T B
27-Mar-2010The Concept of tribe in the Indian ContextSubba, T B
31-Mar-2010Y-chromosome evidence suggests a common paternal heritage of Austro-Asiatic populationsKumar, Vikrant; Reddy, Arimanda NS; Babu, Jagedeesh P; Rao, Tipirisetti N; Langstieh, Banrida T; Thangaraj, Kumarasamy; Reddy, Alla G; Singh, Lalji; Reddy, Battini M
31-Mar-2010Social adaptation of the Tibetan Refugees in the Darjeeling-Sikkim HimalayasSubba, T B
1-Apr-2010Global patterns in human mitochondrial DNA and Y-chromosome variation caused by spatial instability of the local cultural processesKumar, Vikrant; Langstieh, Banrida T; Madhavi, Komal V; Naidu, Vegi M; Singh, Hardeep Pal; Biswas, Silpak; Thangaraj, Kumarasamy; Reddy, B Mohan
1-Apr-2010Microsatellite diversity in Andhra Pradesh, India: genetic stratification versus social stratificationReddy, B Mohan; Naidu, V M; Madhavi, V Komal; Thangaraj, K; Kumar, Vikram; Langstieh, B T; Venkatramana, P; Reddy, A G; Singh, Lalji
3-Apr-2010Rereading Rengsanggri: a text on post-colonial Northeast IndiaSubba, T B
3-Apr-2010Dynamics of a hill society: a case study of the LepchasSubba, T B
3-Apr-2010Unpacking home-grown orientalism and area studies in India.Poddar, Prem K; Subba, T B
6-Apr-2010Effects of heterosis on growth in height and its segments: a cross-sectional study of the Khasi girls in northeast IndiaKhongsdier, R; Mukherjee, Nandita
9-Apr-2010BMI and morbidity in relation to body composition: a cross-sectional study of a rural community in north-east IndiaKhongsdier, R