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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-May-2010Development of service sector: is there any hope for the economies of north-eastern states of IndiaSrivastav, Nirankar
15-May-2010Dynamics of inter-industrial linkages in the economy of Uttar PradeshSrivastav, Nirankar
24-May-2010Economic behavior of small scale industries in Meghalaya: an econometric analysisSrivastav, Nirankar; Syngkon, Ricky A J
21-May-2010Elementry education, poverty and gender differentials in north-east India: some issuesSrivastav, Nirankar; Dubey, Amaresh
11-Jun-2010Emergence of small scale industries and entrepreneurship in the rural areas of Northeastern States of India: an analytical approachSrivastav, Nirankar; Syngkon, Ricky A J
24-May-2010An evaluation and inventory of educational and manpower planning models: an updated reviewSrivastav, Nirankar
9-Jun-2010How and why the access to public distribution system does not enhance the food security among the people of North-East India - an inter-state analysisSrivastav, Nirankar; Dubey, Amaresh
13-May-2010Industrial development in the northeastern states of India: the case of service industriesSrivastav, Nirankar
7-Aug-2010Inequality in New Zealand's personal income distribution 1983-84; Measurements and patternsChatterjee, Srikanta; Srivastav, Nirankar
9-Jun-2010Inter-sectoral linkages in the economy of Uttar-PradeshSrivastav, Nirankar
21-May-2010Marketing management and entrepreneurship development in a tribal dominated economy: a case study of small scale industries in east Khasi hills district of MeghalayaSrivastav, Nirankar; Syngkon, Ricky A J
21-May-2010Measurement of sectoral income and employment multipliers for the economy of Uttar Pradesh: an application of semi-closed input-output modelSrivastav, Nirankar; Barthwal, R R
9-Jun-2010Measuring incidence of GST on the households of NewzealandSrivastav, Nirankar
21-May-2010Need and prospects of alternative energy sources in north-East IndiaSrivastav, Nirankar
12-May-2010Poverty, gender discrimination and access to education - Evidence of women empowerment from the North-East IndiaSrivastav, Nirankar
9-Jun-2010The problem and causes of environmental disruption and its political economySrivastav, Nirankar
7-Jun-2010Regional disparities in poverty incidence and levels of living in IndiaDubey, Amaresh; Srivastav, Nirankar
9-Jun-2010Renewable energy options in North-Eastern India: some possibilitiesSrivastav, Nirankar
4-Aug-2010Role of emerging small scale industries in the rural development of north-eastern states of India-an analytical approachSrivastav, Nirankar; Syngkon, Ricky A J
1-Jun-2010Rural poverty eradiction programme: some relevant issuesSrivastav, Nirankar