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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Oct-2010Biochemical characterization of some digenetic trematodes using protein profiles as a parameterRoy, Bishnupada; Tandon, Veena
7-Feb-2013Electron microscopic observations on the alterations of tegumental surface of raillietina echinobothrida treated with root-peel extract of potentilla fulgensRoy, Bishnupada; Dasgupta, Shyamashree; Giri, Bikash Ranjan
3-Mar-2011Filarial infections in goats of tripura: occurrence setaria cervi (Rudolphi, 1819) baylis, 1936Yadav, Arun K; Tandon, Veena; Roy, Bishnupada
5-Dec-2010Flukicidal activity of Alpinia nigra (zingiberaceae) against the trematode, Fasciolopsis buski, in humansRoy, Bishnupada; Tandon, Veena
3-Dec-2010In vitro fluckicidal effect of leaf extract of cannabis sativa linn, on the trematode Fasciolopsis buskiRoy, Bishnupada; Tandon, Veena
8-Dec-2010Leiperocotyle meghalayensis sp. nov. (trematoda: paramphistomidae: orthocoeliinae) a new parasite of cattle (bos indicus linnaeus) in IndiaRoy, Bishnupada; Tandon, Veena
8-Dec-2010Louse infestation in human populations in Shillong, IndiaRoy, Bishnupada; Tandon, Veena
3-Jun-2010Metacestodiasis in North East India: A study of the prevalence of hydatidosis and cysticercosis in Mizoram, Nagaland and AssamRoy, Bishnupada; Tandon, Veena
2-Dec-2010Morphological and microtopographical strain variations among fasciolopsis buski originating from different geographical areasRoy, Bishnupada; Tandon, Veena
16-Dec-2010Occurrence of orthocoelium dinniki eduardo, 1985 and orthocoelium parvipapillatum (Stiles and Goldberger, 1910) eduardo, 1985 among bos indicus and ovis aries in IndiaRoy, Bishnupada; Tandon, Veena
2-Dec-2010On a new trematode belonging to the genus velasquezotrema eduardo and javellana, 1987 from bos indicus in Tripura (India)Roy, Bishnupada; Tandon, Veena
8-Dec-2010Opisthorchis noverca braun, 1902: first record from a bovine host and a comparative stereoscan study of the surface topography of flukes of swine and cattle originRoy, Bishnupada; Tandon, Veena
5-Dec-2010Prevalence of Protozoan infection among frogs in a humid subtropical montane zoneRoy, Bishnupada; Tandon, Veena; Dutta, Mamoni
5-Dec-2010Seasonal incidence of amphistomes in cattle in Meghalaya (India)Roy, Bishnupada; Tandon, Veena
17-Dec-2010Seasonal prevalence of some zoonotic trematode infections in cattle and pigs in the North-East montane zone in India.Roy, Bishnupada; Tandon, Veena
5-Dec-2010Status of bovine fascioliasis in MeghalayaRoy, Bishnupada; Tandon, Veena
1-Dec-2010Stereoscan studies on the surface topography of olveria bosi, parasitic in rumen of cattleRoy, Bishnupada; Tandon, Veena
29-Nov-2010Surface fine topography of four trematodes (paramphistomoidea) parasitizing sheepRoy, Bishnupada; Tandon, Veena
3-Dec-2010A survey of gastrointestinal paramphistomes in beef cattle of some North-East Indian statesRoy, Bishnupada; Tandon, Veena
9-Dec-2010Trematodiasis in North-East India: A study on the spectrum of digenetic trematodes among pigs, buffaloes, cattle goats and sheepRoy, Bishnupada; Tandon, Veena