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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Apr-2011Arms a student front in the regional politics of MeghalayaGassah, L S
6-Sep-2013The concept of Ka Ri Khadar Daloi (Jaintia Hills): A critical assessmentGassah, L S
2-May-2013A critical assessment of the role and function of the Jaintia Hills Autonomous District CouncilGassah, L S
9-Feb-2013Doloi syiem relation in Jaintia Hills upto 1835Gassah, L S
9-Aug-2013Effects of partition on the border marketing of Jaintiya HillsGassah, L S
9-Jan-2014Emerging political elites in Jaintia HillsGassah, L S
11-May-2011Hill people union: Its role in Meghalaya politicsGassah, L S
2-Jul-2011Jaintia town or JowaiGassah, L S
19-Feb-2013Liberalization, ethnic identity and economic development: A case study of Khasi and Jaintia HillsGassah, L S
6-Apr-2013Nongtalang Doloiship: A socio-political study of an administrative unit in Jaintia Hills of MeghalayaGassah, L S
17-Aug-2012Paragraph 12A of the sixth schedule and Meghalaya politicsGassah, L S
30-May-2012Partnership in Indo-Bangladesh economic development: The case of Jaintia Hills in MeghalayaGassah, L S
19-Aug-2011Prelude to integration: Political consciousness, political organisations and development in Khasi-Jiantia Hills (up-to 1952)Gassah, L S
15-Dec-2011Presentation-VIIIGassah, L S
28-Nov-2011Regionalism and the HSPDP in Meghalaya: Some basic issuesGassah, L S
12-Jun-2012Reorganisation and the economic problems of the border areas of Jaintia HillsGassah, L S
5-Aug-2013Reorganization and the economic problems of the border area of Jaintia hillsGassah, L S
8-May-2013The sixth schedule and the 73rd amendment: An analysisGassah, L S
18-Aug-2010A study of emerging political system and its effects on traditional leadership in Jaintia hills of MeghalayaGassah, L S
28-Mar-2011Survey of research in political science on North-East India (1970-1990)Gassah, L S