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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Feb-2013Beyond multiculturalism: A pan-ethnic Asian American perspectiveBhattacharjee, Sukalpa
7-Feb-2013A critique of postcolonial reason: Toward a history of the vanishing present by Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak (reviewed articles)Bhattacharjee, Sukalpa
13-May-2010Dialogic space in art: a reading of Goutam Biswas' art as dialogue: eassys in phenomenology of aesthetic experienceBhattacharjee, Sukalpa
4-Feb-2013Dialogic space in art: A reading of Goutam Biswas' Art as dialogue: Essays in the phenomenology of aesthetic experienceBhattacharjee, Sukalpa
10-Feb-2013Diaspora and migrancy: Theorizing a literature of the in-betweenBhattacharjee, Sukalpa
11-Feb-2013Dilemma of culture: A polycontextual discourseBhattacharjee, Sukalpa
20-Jan-2013The east-west encounter: Towards a pan-ethnic discourseBhattacharjee, Sukalpa
4-Feb-2013From narrative to nairrative: The narrative turnBhattacharjee, Sukalpa
20-Jan-2013Gendered constructions of identity in Northeast IndiaBhattacharjee, Sukalpa
19-Feb-2013Global transactions: Recasting the kaliBhattacharjee, Sukalpa
14-Dec-2011Inter-ethnic conflict in Northeast India: The Hmar Dimasa caseBhattacharjee, Sukalpa
7-Feb-2013Multiculturalism: The other subject or subjects otherwiseBhattacharjee, Sukalpa
5-Mar-2013Narrative as an/other history or his/story otherwiseBhattacharjee, Sukalpa
1-Mar-2013Narrative constructions of identity and the Sylheti experienceBhattacharjee, Sukalpa
10-Feb-2013A nation without a subject: Politics of multiculturalism in the USBhattacharjee, Sukalpa
5-Mar-2013The possibilities of language: The forked paths of meaningBhattacharjee, Sukalpa
11-Feb-2013Post-colonial literature: Essays on gender, theory and genresBhattacharjee, Sukalpa
7-Feb-2013Rites of self and the other: Naipaul's construction of Muslim identityBhattacharjee, Sukalpa
20-Jan-2013State, insurgency and (Wo)man's human rights: Two cases from the North-East IndiaBhattacharjee, Sukalpa
7-Feb-2013The Story of Ram and Nabami. Translated with an Introduction by Tilottoma Misra (reviewed articles)Bhattacharjee, Sukalpa