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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-May-2010Assessment of the contribution of forest to the economy of the Northeastern states of IndiaBarik, S K; Mishra, S K
25-Nov-2011Biodiversity value, status and strategies for conservation of sacred groves of Meghalaya, IndiaTiwari, B K; Barik, S K; Tripathi, R S
10-Apr-2010Changes in microbial biomass and activity in relation to shifting cultivation and horticultural practices in subtropical evergreen forest ecosystem of north-east IndiaRalte, Vanlalhruaii; Pandey, H N; Barik, S K; Tripathi, R S; Prabhu, Swapna
4-Jun-2012Common goals, and roles and responsibility of different participantsTiwari, B K; Barik, S K
24-Feb-2010Common Goals, and Roles and Responsibilitys of Different ParticipantsTiwari, B K; Barik, S K
24-Jul-2010Community composition and tree population structure in a sub-tropical broad-leaved forest along a disturbance gradientRao, P; Barik, S K; Pandey, H N; Tripathi, R S
2-Feb-2010Community composition and tree population structure in a sub-tropical broad-leved forest along a disturbance gradientRao, P; Barik, S K; Pandey, H N; Tripathi, R S
9-May-2012Community conserved areas in North-East India: Some observations in Assam, Meghalaya and Arunachal PradeshChatterjee, Sudipto; Ghosh, Sonali; Sarma, Jayanta; Barik, S K; Tewari, B K; Das, Kulen Chandra
4-Feb-2013Concept and evolution of joint forest managementTripathy, R S; Barik, S K
9-Sep-2010Diversity and distribution of endemic plant species of Meghalaya, IndiaLakadong, N J; Barik, S K
17-Aug-2010Diversity, distribution pattern and use of bamboos in MeghalayaKharlyngdoh, Evanylla; Barik, S K
1-Jun-2010Dynamics of tree seedling populations in a humid subtropical forest of northeast India as related to disturbanceBarik, S K; Rao, P; Tripathi, R S; Pandey, H N
3-Nov-2011Ecological and economic assessment of joint forest management programme in TripuraTiwari, B K; Tripathy, R S; Barik, S K
28-Aug-2010Ecosystem and species diversity of Khangchendzonga biosphere reserve in SikkimChettri, A; Lyngdoh, M K; Barik, S K; Pandey, H N
25-Nov-2011Environmental impact assessment of limestone mining projectBarik, S K; Tiwari, B K
25-May-2010Environmental issues and management of natural resources: community participation and government intervention in MeghalayaBarik, S K
17-Aug-2010Forest fragmentation and tree diversity in Khangchendzonga biosphere reserve, SikkimChettri, A; Barik, S K; Pandey, H N; Lyngdoh, M K
28-May-2012Forest policies and schemesBarik, S K; Darlong, V T
4-Jun-2012Gender and equitySinghal, Rekha; Barik, S K
6-May-2010Germination behaviour of calamus flagellum seedsGoswami, Mridul; Barik, S K; Haridasan, K