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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Domestication, conservation, and livelihoods: A case study of piper peepuloides roxb.—An important nontimber forest product in South Meghalaya, Northeast IndiaTynsong, H; Dkhar, M; Tiwari, B K
25-Nov-2011Dry weight loss and changes in chemical composition of pine (pinus kesiya royle) needles and teak (tectona grandis L) leaf litter during processing in a freshwater lakeTiwari, B K; Mishra, R R
3-Nov-2011Ecological and economic assessment of joint forest management programme in TripuraTiwari, B K; Tripathy, R S; Barik, S K
22-Nov-2011Ecological and socio-economic impact of modified shifting cultivation in Northeast IndiaTiwari, B K
25-Nov-2011Ecological impact of joint forest management in Tripura, IndiaTiwari, B K; Kayenpaibam, Phalguni
9-Nov-2011Edible products from the forestTiwari, B K; Rani, S
25-Nov-2011Effect of benomyl, copper oxychloride and mancozeb on rhizosphere microflora of potatoShukla, A K; Tiwari, B K; Mishra, R R
25-Nov-2011Effect of foliar applications of herbiciides, benthiocarb, 2, 4-D and fluchloralin on phyllosphere microflora of potatoShukla, A K; Tiwari, B K; Mishra, R R
5-Apr-2016Effect of plant density on growth and yield of thysanolaena maxima: An important non-timber forest product of MeghalayaLapasam, Etiban; Tiwari, B K
24-Feb-2010Environment Goods and ServicesTiwari, B K
21-Aug-2010Environmental goods and servicesTiwari, B K
25-Nov-2011Environmental impact assessment of limestone mining projectBarik, S K; Tiwari, B K
25-Nov-2011Enzyme activities and carbon dioxide evolution from upland and wetland rice soils under three agricultural practices in hilly regionsTiwari, M B; Tiwari, B K; Mishra, R R
25-Nov-2011Enzyme activities in soils: Effect of leaching, ignition, autoclaving and fumigationTiwari, S C; Tiwari, B K; Mishra, R R
4-Jun-2012Extension and communication skillsKumar, K N Krishna; Tiwari, B K
9-Nov-2011Extention and communications skillsKrishan Kumar, K N; Tiwari, B K
24-Feb-2010Forest Biodiversity Management and livelihood Enhancing Practices of War Khasis of Meghalaya, IndiaTiwari, B K
2-Jun-2011Forest management practices of the tribal people of Meghalaya, North-East IndiaTiwari, B K; Tynsong, H; Lynser, M B
25-Nov-2011Fungi and bacteria associated with pine (pinus kesiya royle) needles and teak (tectona grandis L) leaf litters during processing in a freshwater lakeMishra, R R; Tiwari, B K
26-Nov-2011Fungi associated with cellulose decomposition in natural watersMishra, R R; Deka, H K; Tiwari, B K; Verma, N K