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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Oct-2010Ethnicity vs development: The Dalus in the West Garo District of MeghalayaSubba, T B
14-Aug-2012Ethnicity vs development: The dulas in the West Garo Hills district of MeghalayaSubba, T B
4-Sep-2010Ethnicity, culture and nationalism in North-East India: A conspectusSubba, T B
23-Apr-2013Ethnicity, culture and nationalism in North-East India: A conspectusSubba, T B
22-Mar-2010Following the trail: interpretation of texts in anthropologySubba, T B
27-Mar-2010Forest conservation in Himalaya: with special reference to North East IndiaSubba, T B
10-Apr-2010The Gorkhaland Movement and Human Rights Violation in IndiaSubba, T B
26-Aug-2010Gorkhaland movement in West BengalSubba, T B
26-Apr-2010Group Fieldwork: revisiting an old anthropological practice in IndiaSubba, T B
10-Apr-2010The head of the household: Some methodological considerationsSubba, T B
27-Apr-2010Indigenising the limbus: trajectory of a nation devided into two Nation-states.Subba, T B
28-Apr-2010Indigenising the Limbus: Trajectory of a nation divided into two nation-statesSubba, T B
27-Mar-2010Interethnic relationship in Northeast India and the ''Negative Solidatity'' thesis.Subba, T B
12-Apr-2010Land and politics in hill areas of North Bengal.Subba, T B
10-Apr-2010The Lepchas: From legends to the present daySubba, T B; Rajarammohunpur
10-Apr-2010Limbu ethnicity at crossroadsSubba, T B
29-Oct-2010Limbu nationalism and integrationSubba, T B
3-May-2010Living the Nepali diaspora in India: An Autobiographical essay.Subba, T B
12-Apr-2010Man-Environment relationship in a hill VillageSubba, T B
27-Mar-2010Matriliny, reproductive health and reproductive rights an essay on the Khasis of Meghalaya, Northeast IndiaSubba, T B