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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Apr-2011Introduction of book entitled 'Indigenous peoples in liberal democratic states'.Srikanth, H
11-Apr-2011Is India still semi-feudal?Srikanth, H
25-Apr-2011Liberation of Hyderabad state: A studySrikanth, H
12-Apr-2011Limits of national identities: A study of identity politics in North East IndiaSrikanth, H
7-Apr-2011Marxism, radical feminism and homosexualitySrikanth, H
11-Apr-2011Militancy and identity politics in AssamSrikanth, H
7-Apr-2011Militarisation of Indian economySrikanth, H
19-Apr-2011Naga resistance movement and the peace process in North-East IndiaSrikanth, H; Thomas, C J
6-Apr-2011Nationality question in India: A critique of traditional Indian Marxist interpretationsSrikanth, H
30-May-2012Native Indian's quest for self-government in Canada: Perspectives and prospectusSrikanth, H
28-Apr-2012Native Indians' quest for self-government in Canada: Perspectives and prospectusSrikanth, H
7-Apr-2011Natural is not always rationalSrikanth, H
25-Apr-2011Nature of Indian stateSrikanth, H
11-Apr-2011Nature of Indian state: Reflections on dominant Marxist interpretations of Indian stateSrikanth, H
30-Apr-2012New social forces and changing land relations among the Khasis in MeghalayaSrikanth, H
11-Apr-2011No shortcuts to Dalits liberationSrikanth, H
6-Apr-2011Persisting questions (Review article of Social movements, old and new: a post modernist critique) by Rajendra SinghNag, Sajal; Srikanth, H
15-Apr-2011Political autonomy and economic development of indigenous peoples: A comparative study of North-East India and British ColumbiaSrikanth, H
11-Apr-2011Politics of education and employment in BhutanSrikanth, H
12-Apr-2011Presentation-IISrikanth, H