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Title: Life and Times of Lokamanya Tilak
Authors: Kelkar, N. C.
Keywords: Peep into family history
Childhood and student-days
Pre-Tilak Maharashtra
New english school
Kesari and the Mahratta
First imprisonment
Fergusonment college
Tilak v. Agarkar
Resignation from the D E society
Crawford case
Kesari and mahratta (1887-1891)
Chapter of controversy
Tilak as a controversy
Hindu-Moslem riots
Bapat commission
Congressional activities
Tilak as a councillor
New national festival
Congress in Poona
House divided against itself
Famine of 1896
Plague in Poona
Martyr of justice
Imprisonment and release
Tilak and the antiguity of the Vedas
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: S. Ganesan (1928)
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