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dc.contributor.authorHeimann, Betty-
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dc.contributor.authorGoetz, H-
dc.contributor.authorIshaque, M-
dc.contributor.authorBarua, B M-
dc.publisherThe Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute (1946)en_US
dc.subjectMalay version of the Ramayanaen_US
dc.subjectOfficials of the courten_US
dc.subjectReformation of the court of the King of Satraen_US
dc.subjectReformation of the Sanghaen_US
dc.subjectRevival of Budshismen_US
dc.subjectkautiliya and the Matsyapuranaen_US
dc.subjectBodhisattva avalokitesvara in Ceylonen_US
dc.subjectTheravadin and sarvastivadin dates of the Nirvanaen_US
dc.subjectOn the history of in Palien_US
dc.subjectMadhava son of Venkatarya and Sayanacaryaen_US
dc.subjectNyaya-Vaisesika conception of minden_US
dc.subjectA peep into the ideal of education in Indo-Aryan societyen_US
dc.subjecthidden landmark in the history of Jainismen_US
dc.subjectBuddha kill the child in manen_US
dc.subjectMan's reason and his quest of truth, good and beautyen_US
dc.subjectCalendar tomb at Sikandara and its historical reminiscencesen_US
dc.subjectKala-Azar and its conquesten_US
dc.subjectBuddhism in Gujaraten_US
dc.subjectbasic tendency of Prakrit languagesen_US
dc.subjectRevolution of the concept of Sesaen_US
dc.subjectElementa of Hindu iconography and its sourcesen_US
dc.subjectSanskrit poetsen_US
dc.subjectKamma or the Buddhist law of causationen_US
dc.subjectMuslim patronage to Sanskrit learningen_US
dc.subjectBuddhakhetta in the Apadanaen_US
dc.subjectKalidasa's Kuntalesvara Dautyaen_US
dc.subjectOriya literature in the early stagesen_US
dc.subjectVishveshvara Smritien_US
dc.subjectArcheological discoveries along the Mainamati and lalmai ranges, Tippera district, east Bengalen_US
dc.subjectSome thoghts on education in Indiaen_US
dc.subjectWomen in the early inscriptions of Bengalen_US
dc.subjectHydro-electrict development in South Indiaen_US
dc.subjectVillages and towns in ancient Indiaen_US
dc.subjectHindi literatureen_US
dc.subjectSufis and musicen_US
dc.subjectWilliam Watsonen_US
dc.subjectHistory of the Sri Vijayanarayana temple of Beluren_US
dc.subjectPersian, Turkish and Arabic MSSen_US
dc.subjectLand utilisation in the district of 24-parganas, Bengalen_US
dc.subjectSignificance of negation in Hindu philosophical thoughten_US
dc.subjectBrahannandikesvara and the Nandikesvara Puranaen_US
dc.subjectFurther light on Cola-Sailendra relations from Tamil inscriptionsen_US
dc.subjectArt of the Marathas and its problemsen_US
dc.subjectRudaki, the father of Neo-Persian poetryen_US
dc.subjectIndus script and Tantric codeen_US
dc.titleB. C. law volume : Part IIen_US
dc.document.contributorEdited by: D R Bhandarkar, K A Nilakanta Sastri, B M Barua, B K Ghosh, P K Godeen_US
dc.document.publisherThe bhandarkar Oriental Research Instituteen_US
dc.document.departmentCentral Libraryen_US
dc.submitter.addressNorth-Eastern Hill University, Shillong 793022 Meghalaya, Indiaen_US
dc.document.subjectcodeP C 934 LAW.2en_US
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