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Title: Siddha- Bharati: The Rosary of indology, Part Two
Authors: Bhatt, G H
Carpani, Enrico Gerardo
Chaudhuri, Roma
Coomarswamy, Anand
Devasthali, G V
Heimann, Betty
Kakati, B
Khare, G H
Malkani, G R
Mookerjee, Satkari
Marahari, H G
Nikam, N A
Sharma, B N K
Shastri, Govinda Rajanaka
Shastri, Prabhu Datta
Shastri, V A Ramaswami
Shastri, Udayavir
Varadachari, K C
Wijesekera, O H
Yadu, Vanshi
Yamunacharya, M A
Agarwal, Vasudeva S
Bhattacharyya, Dinesh Chandra
Chaturvedi, S P
Chaudhuri, J B
Divanji, P C
Gaurishankar, M A
Kibe, M V
Law, B C
Mirashi, V V
Pantulu, N K Venkatesam
Pisharoti, K R
Raghavan, V
Raja, K Kunjunni
Renou, L D Litt
Sarma, K Madhav Krishna
Tamaskar, G D
Ayyar, K V Krishna
Brij, Narain
Ghosh, Batakrishna
Ghoshal, U N
Gode, P K
Indra, M A
Iyyer, N Kanakaraja Kaviraj
Pai, M Govind
Pusalkar, A D
Sadhu, Ram
Shashtri, K N V
Sharma, Indra Datta
Shende, S R
Sircar, Dines Chandra
Sternbach, ludwick
Yash, Pal
Keywords: Vallabhacarya
Maya and exoteric wisdom in Indian thought
Kalabadhi's conception of God
Gradation, evolution and reincarnation
Bhakti in Bhagavad-gita
Subjectivism and objectivism in Hindu philosophy
Problem of Atman
Mother-Goddess Kamakhya of Kamarupa
24 varieties of Vishnu image
Notion of self-evidence of Svaprakas'a
Grounds of inference as classified by Dharmakirti
Buddhist explanation of the cause of experience
Plato's conception of the dialectic and Vedanta
Saksi-an original contribution of sri Madhvacarya to Indian thought
jain doctrine of syadvada
Further light on Sarikarsa-kanda
Philosophy of Yadavaprakasa
Aspect of Upanisadic Atman and Bhuddhist Anatta
Historical basis of Saivism
Ethics of Pravrtti and Nivrtti
Pre-Paninian technical terms
Udayanacarya and Sriharsa
panini's vocabulary and his date
Note on Radha-mana-tarangini
Authorship and date of Bhagavad-gita
Modern Hindi literature
Further light on the date of Kalidasa
Chronological position of Ceylon chronicle
Date of Gathasaptasati
Culture of Vedas
Vasudeva's Bhrngasandesa'a
Prakrya works
Kulasekhara, the royal Dramatist of Keral
Vedic schools and the epigraphy
Surya Pandita
Aryan and Non-Aryan in Keral
Economic system of ancient India
Origin of State in Hindu political theory
Legal and political status of trades and crafts in early Smrtis
History and chronology of a Nagara Brahmin family of physians in Gujarat
Machiavellism in Ancient India
Tamilian cultural heritage
Garudadhvaja of Heliodorus
Aryan origin according to Puranas
Islamic element in the culture of Mysore
Theory and practice of diplomacy in Ancient Indian International law
How, whence and when Maharastra came into being?
City of Udabhanda
Ancient Indian law
Kingship and allied institutions of the Buddha's days
Hindus and study of Persian
Jami Masjid of Jaunpur
spirit communication
Travancore inscription
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