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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Theoretical investigations on kinetics and thermochemistry of reactions of oxygenated hydrofluorocarbons with OH radicals and CI atoms and their atmospheric implicationsLily, Makroni; Chandra, Asit K. (Supervisor)
2019Computational studies on metal-free and metal-catalyzed nitrene transfer reactionsDevi, Shougaijam Premila; Lyngdoh, R. H. Duncan (Supervisor)
2019Synthesis and characterization of some transition metal complexes derived from nitrogen and oxygen donor ligands and their catalytic applications in organic synthesisKurbah, Sunshine Dominic; Lal, R. A. (Supervisor)
2019Development of new routes for synthesis of substituted [6,5], [6,7] fused and spiro heterocyclesJamatia, Ramen; Pal, Amarta Kumar (Supervisor)
2019Development of new strategies for stereoselective and green synthesis of some biologically relevant molecular scaffoldsBora, Porag; Bez, Ghanashyam (Supervisor)
2019Synthesis characterization and structures of metal complexes of groups 12 and 14 elementsLongkumer, Imliwati; Baul, T. S. Basu (Supervisor)
2019Theoretical studies on hydrogen bonding and halogen bonding interactions and their effects on structure and vibrational properties of moleculesSutradhar, Dipankar; Chandra, Asit K. (Supervisor)
2019Synthesis, characterization and structures of organotin and organoiron complexesDutta, Dhubajyoti; Baul, T. S. Basu (Supervisor)
2019Development of new multi-component methodologies for synthesis of heterocycles using l-proline and other catalystsBhattacharjee, Deboshikha; Myrboh, B. (Supervisor)
2019Multi-component synthesis of heterocyclic compounds of biological importance using surface coated metal nanoparticles and graphite oxide as catalystsDam, Binoyargha; Pal, Amarta Kumar (Supervisor)
2019Fluorescence based investigation of the effect of nanoparticles on some selected bio-molecular conjugation processesSonu, Vikash Kumar; Mitra, Sivaprasad (Supervisor)
2019Synthesis and spectral studies of some transition metal complexes containing η5 - and η6 - cyclic hydrocarbons and N, N', N,O and NS donor ligandsAdhikar, Sanjay; Rao, K. Mohan (Supervisor)
2019Synthesis and structural studies of rhenium and platinum group metal complexes containing nitrogen basesSangilipandi, S.; Rao, K. Mohan (Supervisor)
2019Fluorescence based studies on drug-receptor interaction: Characterization of acetylcholinesterase inhibitorsIslam, Mullah Muhaiminul; Mitra, Sivaprasad (Supervisor)
2019Combined experimental and theoretical studies on photoinduced hydrogen transfer processesGashnga, Pynsakhiat M.; Mitra, Sivaprasad (Supervisor)
2019Synthesis characterization and structures of organotin(IV) complexes of some schiff base ligands derived from amino acidsKehie, Pelesakuo; Baul, T. S. Basu (Supervisor)
2019Studies on isolation, purification and characterization of various secondary metabolites present in potentilla fulgens L.Anal, J. S. Momo Hmungshal; Bez, Ghanashyam (Supervisor); Syiem, Donkupar (Joint Supervisor)
2019Synthesis and spectral studies of platinum group metal complexes comprising n5 - and n-cyclic r- perimeter hydrocarbons with multidentate nitrogen donor ligandsAradhyula, Basava Punna Rao; Rao, K. Mohan (Supervisor)
2019A study on natural fiber reinforced polymer compositesBharbhuiya, Azmol Hussain; Ismail, K. (Supervisor)
2019Molybdenum(VI) vanadium(V) copper(II) and zinc(II) complexes derived from multidentate nitrogen and oxygen donor ligands and their catalytic application in alcohol oxidationShangpung, Sankey; Lal, R. A. (Supervisor)
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 162