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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Synthesis and reactivity studies of organotin-IV-complexes of 2-E-2-3-formyl-4- hydroxy-1-diazenylbenzoic acid and related systems - assessment of bonding structure and biological applicationsSingh, Keisham Surjit
2008Synthesis and structure of manganese and ruthenium complexes derived from some adipoyl dihydrazonesBasumatary, Debajani
2009Synthetic and structural investigation of molybdenum, nickel and zinc complexes derived from bis, 2-hydroxy-l-naphthaldehyde succinoyldihydrazoneChakrabarty, Mithun
2009Synthesis, characterization, structure and biological applications of organotin-IV- complexes of 5-e-2-aryl-1-diazenyl-quinolin-8-olMizar, Archana
2006A study on the micellizatton of anionic surfactants in the presence of electrolytes containing different co-ionsUmlong, Iohborlang M
2002Novel methods for the synthesis of A; pyridazine derivatives and related N-heterocycles from substituted 1, 4_diketones and B; cyclopropane acetic acid ethyl esters and hexa 3, 5 dienoic acid methyl esters via lead-iv-acetate oxidationsNongkhlaw, Rishan Lang
2002Assessment of breathing level air quality in ShillongKatiyar, Sarvesh Chandra
2007Syntheses, spectral and structural studies of N5 and N6 cyclichydrocarbon complexes of some platinum group metals with N,N and O,O donor bidentate ligandsPachhunga, K
2009Development of novel methods for the synthesis of N_substituted 3,4_dihydro_2H_benzo1,4oxazine benzomorpholine, substituted 7_methyl_6,7_dihydro_5h_pyrrolo 2,3_d pyrimidin_2_ol, pyridazines and related heterocyclic moleculesMizar, Pushpak
2009New methods for the synthesis of substituted diazepines and other N-heterocyclesManih, Rudolf Manton