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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Dynamics of buried weed seed population in crop fields under Jhum (shifting agriculture) and terrace cultivation in MeghalayaSahoo, Uttam Kumar; Tripathi, S. (Supervisor)
2019Role of earthworms on soil microbial diversity and leaf litter decomposition in soils from selected forest stands of MeghalayaLaldinthar, Ruth; Dkhar, M. S. (Supervisor); Kayang, H. (Joint Supervisor)
2019Studies on the vascular cambium and its derivatives in some ring and diffuse porous angiospermous trees of sub-tropical wethill forest of MeghalayaLalchhanhimi; Venugopal, N. (Supervisor)
2019Effect of coal mining on the periphytonic and benthic algal communities in the streams of Jaintia hills, MeghalayaDas, Mautushi; Ramanujam, Papiya (Supervisor)
2019Subsidised micro-finance and financial performance of SHGs: A study of MeghalayaSharma, Purna Prasad; Pati, A. P. (Supervisor)
2016Empowerment of tribal women through self help groups in Ri-Bhoi district of Meghalaya - An adult education perspectiveRapthap, Jacinta Ivory; Sahu, B. P. (Supervisor)
2015A Study on literacy, functionality and awareness of the neo-literates in East Khasi Hills District, MeghalayaMylliemngap, Wandashisha; Sahu, B. P. (Supervisor)
2019Institutional financing for micro and small enterprises in India: a study of MeghalayaKharmawphlang, Shimti; Panda, N. M. (Supervisor)
2011Status of unorganized coalmine workers in Jaintia hills district of MeghalayaNongtdu, Phervision; Sahu, B. P. (Supervisor)
2019Road infrastructure and socio-economic development of rural areas of Meghalaya with special reference to East and West Khasi hillsLyngdoh, Shailynti; De, U. K. (Supervisor)