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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Study on probiotic activity of lactic acid bacteria characterized from traditional non-alcoholic fermented foods of MeghalayaRapsang, George Freddyleen; Joshi, S. R. (Supervisor)
2019Qualitative analyses of cyanobacterial diversity and seasonal succession in various ecosystems of East Khasi hills, MeghalayaNongbri, B. Bashisha; Syiem, Mayashree B. (Supervisor)
2019Impact of commonly used herbicide and pesticide on nitrogen metabolism of free living cyanobacterial isolates from rice fields of MeghalayaNongrum, Natasha A; Syiem, Mayashree B. (Supervisor)
2019Characterisation of diversity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi associated with Oryza Sativa L. in Ri-Bhoi district, MeghalayaNongkling, Pynbeitsyon; Kayang, H. (Supervisor)
2019Seasonal variations in diversity and pigment composition of sub-aerial algal communities in East Khasi Hills, MeghalayaKharkongor, Diana; Ramanujam, P. (Supervisor)
2019Soil microbial diversity in Mawphlang sacred forest of MeghalayaDevi, Haobam Romola; Dkhar, M. S. (Supervisor); Joshi, S. R. (Joint Supervisor)
2019Studies on the impact of coal mine drainage on microbial ecology of water bodies of Jaintia hills, MeghalayaLyngdoh, Ibandarisuk; Kayang, H. (Supervisor)
2019Diversity of endophytic actinomycetes of selected medicinal plants of MeghalayaBarman, Dina; Dkhar, M. S. (Supervisor)
2019Assessment of genetic variations in micropropagated plants of Nepenthes Khasiana Hook. F., an endemic insectivorous plant of MeghalayaDevi, Soibam Purnima; Kumaria, Suman (Supervisor); Tandon, Pramod (Joint Supervisor); Rao, S. Rama (Joint Supervisor)
2019DNA based phylogenetic analysis of carnivorous plant families in Meghalaya identification of adaptive and co-evolutionary patternsYanthan, J. Sureni; Tandon, Pramod (Supervisor); Kumaria, Suman (Joint-Supervisor)