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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Host range analysis and genotypic characterization of rhizobia associated with native lagumes of MeghalayaOjha, Achana; Rao, S. Rama (Supervisor); Joshi, S. R. (Joint-Supervisor)
2019Characterization and bioactivity analysis of epiphytic and endophytic bacteria associated with some ethnomedicinal plants in MeghalayaNongkhlaw, Fenella Mary War; Joshi, S. R. (Supervisor)
2019Characterization of potential plant growth-promoting bacillus and related genera from soils of sacred groves of MeghalayaLyngwi, Nathaniel A; Joshi, S. R. (Supervisor)
2019Diversity and antimicrobial potentials of lithic bacteria prevalent in MeghalayaBhattacharjee, Kaushik; Joshi, S. R. (Supervisor)
2019Molecular characterization of musa species (Musaceae) with special emphasis on section eumusa from MeghalayaLamare, Animos; Rao, S. Rama (Supervisor)
2019Isolation identification and characterization of cyanobacteria from lichens of East Khasi-Hills, MeghalayaHynniewta, Luxemburgh; Syiem, Mayashree B. (Supervisor)
2019Studies on endophytic fungi associated with some medicinal plants of the Sacred Forests of MeghalayaBhagobaty, Ranjan Kumar; Joshi, S. R. (Supervisor)
2019Molecular characterization and biochemical analysis of some wild edible macrofungi of MeghalayaKhaund, Polashree; Joshi, S. R. (Supervisor)
2019Microbiological study of the retail chicken meat of MeghalayaSaikia, Purabi; Joshi, S. R. (Supervisor)
2019Regulation of cesium toxicity in cyanobacterial strains isolated from MeghalayaSubongwabang; Singh, A. K. (Supervisor)