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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Geomorphological, biophysical and socio-economic attributes of Umbaniun micro-watershed of MeghalayaRymbai, Phylliewbor Nylla; Jha, L. K. (Supervisor)
2019Biochemical responses and ultrastructural changes under environmental stress in some hill stream fishes of MeghalayaPrasad, Shiv Kumar; Singh, O. P. (Supervisor)
2019Plant diversity and ecosystem services of sacred groves in Cherrapunjee and its adjoining areas in MeghalayaChaudhury, Gunjana; Upadhaya, Krishna (Supervisor)
2019Heavy metal removal potential of some aquatic macrophytes of Khasi hills districts of MeghalayaMarbaniang, Donboklang; Chaturvedi, S. S. (Supervisor)
2019Physico-chemical and microbial quality of milk and milk products in Garo hills, MeghalayaPaul, Biswajit; Mishra, B. K. (Supervisor)
2019Flow characteristics and quality assessment of groundwater in Jaintia hills MeghalayaMawkhiew, Edmund Kitboklang; Walia, Devesh (Supervisor)
2019Regulation of hydrological processes and conservation of soil by pine forest in Khasi Hills MeghalayaLynrah, Marbakor Mary; Tiwari, B. K. (Supervisor)
2019Biodiversity and nutritive value of semi-wild and wild citrus species of MeghalayaUpadhaya, Anamika; Chaturvedi, S. S. (Supervisor)
2019Forest products of Raid Saw Symper, Meghalaya and their contribution to the livelihood of the peopleLynser, Marvellous B.; Tiwari, B. K. (Supervisor)
2019Dental morphology and pathology among the Garo of MeghalayaMarak, Chintu Sanju B; Limbu, D. K. (Supervisor)