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Title: Minutes of the fifty-fourth (54th) Academic Council Meeting on 21st and 22nd November, 1996
Authors: NEHU
Keywords: Nomination of external experts to the School Boards (1996)
Nomination of members to the BUGS (1996)
Nomination of External Experts to the School Boards (1996)
Award of Ph. D/M. Phil Degree (1996)
Panel of Examiners M. Phil/Ph. D (1996)
Functions of the Deans Committee (1996)
Masters Degree Programme Change in the Ordinance (1996)
Recognition as Ph. D Supervisor in respect of Dr R. K. Thapa, Reader in Physics, P. U. C. Aizawl and permission for Ph. D registration of his students (1996)
Management to College/lnstitutions admitted to the Privileges of the University and Colleges and Institutions maintained by the University Committee Report (1996)
Review of the reading materials for B.A (Honours) Mizo Paper VIII (1996)
Syllabus for B. Ed and B. A. (Honours) (1996)Modification in P. G. Courses in Geography and Anthropology and Environmental Courses at P. G. Level Department of Geography and Anthropology (1996)
M. Sc. Syllabus-Bio-Chemistry (1996)
Syllabus for correspondence course in M. A. Political Science (1996)
M. Sc. Syllabus in Botany (1996)
Affiliation of American Institute of Indian Studies Schools eith Indian Universities Institutions of higher learning (1996)
Inter-Disciplinary research leading to M. Phil/Ph. D degree in Centres. (1996)
Recognition of Sri Aurobindo Institute of research in Social Sciences by NEHU (1996)
Scaling formula between the major and non-major degree holders etc (1996)
Three years degree course with Annual System of examination (1996)
Meghalaya College Teachers' Association agitation and its effect on NEHU exams (1996)
Recognition of the higher secondary school leaving certificate to examination conducted by the Mizoram Board of Secondary Education (1996)
Opening of school for studies of spiritual and moral values (1996)
Amendment of the ordinance OA-2 and OA-4 to include the Department of Mizo under the School of Humanities and Education (1996)
Representation of the Principal of St. Anthony's College on the waiver of DOE Accreditation for PGDCA in the college (1996)
M. Phil/Ph. D programme in the new Departments (1996)
Screening of applications for teaching posts (1996)
Starting of post-graduate degree course in Statistics (1996)
Introduction of M. A in Mizo (1996)
Perspectives in Sociological Research (M. Phil) (1996)
Affiliation of Khad-Ar-Doloi Law college (1996)
Inspection report of various colleges (1996)
Affiliation cases for consideration of the Academic Council (1996)
Reports of the Inspection Teams for the following colleges for the purpose of affiliation etc (1996)
Guidelines framed and approved by the Bar Council of India (1996)
Inspection Report of various colleges for provisional/permanent affiliation (1996)
Identification of the common course/allied and cognate Departments for the constitution of the BPS in Garo (1996)
An Offer for Instituting an Awared for Science Popularisation-Science Education and an offer of Rs.10 lakhs donation from the Asia Theological Association, Bangalore (1996)
Governing Body of the Shilling Law College (1996)
Identification of the Common Courses/ allied and Cognate Departments for the constitution of the BPGS in Linguistics (1996)
National Assessment and Accreditation Council-Enhancing quality in Higher Education (1996)
Re-Organisation of the Centre of Studies in the University (1996)
Admission to M. Sc.Bio-Chemistry (1996)
Working Problem in the Deptt.of Physics (1996)
Panel of names for Selection Committee for Faculty Selection-Deptt. of Mathematics and Mizo (1996)
NEHU Representatives in the Governing Body of all affiliated Colleges (1996)
NEHU Representatives in the Governing Body of Aizawl Law College (1996)
NEHU Representatives in the Governing Body of Saitual College (1996)
NEHU Representatives in the Governing Body of Nongstoin College (1996)
Boards meeting of the Meghalaya Board of School Education-Report of the Deans' Committee (1996)
Accreditation of State Level Eligibility Test (1996)
Duties and Powers of the Dean Students' Welfare (1996)
Allotment of Fund out of the Unassigned grant (1996)
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