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Title: The North-East and the Mughals
Authors: Dutta, Sushil Chandra
Keywords: Graphical sketch, people, economic background, historical background, early Mughal period
Aurangzeb and the North East frontier: Aurangzeb in the making, Mir Jumla in Bengal, North Eastern policy, North East and North West
Expeditions under Mir Jumla: Mughal advance, battle of Koliabar, fall of lakhugarh, occupation of garghgaon, Mughal difficulties, administrative measures, eastern division, impact of the campaign
Ram Singh's campaign: Eastern scene, Ahom moves, Shaista Khan, war cry of the Mughals, resumption of cauhati, Mughal reaction, Ram Singh at Rangamati, Barphukan's strategy, Ahom at Saraighat
Years of inaction: Politics in Ahom court, Nobles invite the Mughals, hard problem of Mughal authority
North Eastern challenge: Problems of Aurangzeb, Ahom recovery of Gauhati, Mughal dependencies, ascendancy of Rudra Singh, North Eastern confederacy
Mughal impact on North East India: Regional solidarity, trade and commerce, defence reorientation, society and culture
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2012

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