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Title: The impact of land reforms in North East India
Authors: Dasgupta, Malabika, Ed.
Keywords: Chapters: Structural change, land reforms and agricultural technology in North-East India: An analysis by N Venkata Rao and B S N Reddy
Issues in land reforms in tribal areas of North-East India: A preliminary appraisal by B K Roy Barman
Towards land reforms in Arunachal Pradesh by A K Agarwal
Land reforms and economic development in the Manipur Hills by R P Singh and Ch Sobhabati Devi
Land and land reforms: A study of the Kukis of Manipur by Ashok Kumar Ray
A review of land reform schemes in Meghalaya during the sixth five year plan period by Benoy Lahiri
Land reforms in the Khasi Hills: A critique by Umasaday Bhattacharyya
Land distribution in Mizoram by V S Mahajan
Land reform measures through structural changes in Nagaland by A L Ao
Impact of land reforms in Trpura by Jagat Jyoti Ray
Land reforms in Tripura by Aghore Deb BArma
Will the creation of small farms through land reforms solve Tripura's agrarian problems? The search for an alternative solution by Malabika Dasgupta
Land utilisation and changing economic in the context of the rubber plantation industry: A micro sociological study in North Tripura District by Tapan Kumar Som
Impact of land reforms in Assam by N N Bhattacharyya
Land reforms in Assam- their impact on tenure, distribution and productivity by Rabindra Kr Choudhury
Impact of land reforms in Assam by J N Das
A review of land reforms in Assam by M M Das
Land- Peasant relation in Assam by S K Dass
A study on the impact of land reforms in Assam by A K Neog and G Bordoloi
Impact of legislation on land reforms in Assam by K K Burman
Consolidation of holdings in Assam- A neglected aspect land reforms by K Alam
Assam tenancy scene: An appraisal by Amit Kumar Nag
A note on tenancy reform in Assam by Umananda Phukan
An evaluation of land reforms in Assam: A case study of the district of Cachar by Girban Biswas
Old wine in new bottles- A study of the impact of land reforms in Karimganj District by Arunjyoti Sengupta
Issue Date: 29-Aug-2012
ISBN: 81-7117-086-2

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