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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Apr-2016The future of non-wood forest productionTiwari, B K; Kumar, C; Lynser, M B
5-Apr-2016Technological innovations in shifting agricultural practices by three tribal farming communities of Meghalaya, northeast IndiaDeb, Sourabh; Lynrah, Marbakor Mary; Tiwari, B K
5-Apr-2016Bird tree interrelationship in term of food in the sub-tropical forest of Meghalaya North-East IndiaTynsong, H; Dkhar, M; Tiwari, B K
5-Apr-2016Status, utilization and economic valuation of non-timber forest products of Arunachal Pradesh, IndiaSharma, Dhruba; Tiwari, B K; Chaturvedi, S S; Diengdoh, Evamary
5-Apr-2016Impact of fire and grazing on plant diversity of grassland ecosystem of CherrapunjeeShilla, U; Tiwari, B K
5-Apr-2016Institutions for sustainable forest governance: Robustness, equity, and cross-level interactions in Mawlyngbna, Meghalaya, IndiaOberlack, Christoph; Walter, Philipp LaHaela; Schmerbeck, Joachim; Tiwari, B K
5-Apr-2016Effect of plant density on growth and yield of thysanolaena maxima: An important non-timber forest product of MeghalayaLapasam, Etiban; Tiwari, B K
23-Mar-2016Traditional knowledge base forest management: the case of War tribe of Meghalaya, IndiaTiwari, B K; Tynsong, H
6-Apr-2016Institutional arrangement and typology of community forests of Meghalaya, Mizoram and Nagaland of North-East IndiaTiwari, B K; Tynsong, H; Lynrah, M M; Lapasam, E; Deb, S; Sharma, D
6-Apr-2016Growth pattern, production, and marketing of Thysanolaena maxima (Roxb.) Kuntze: An important nontimber forest product of Meghalaya, IndiaTiwari, B K; Shukla, R P; Lynser, M B; Tynsong, H