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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-May-2013Studies on thallium toxicity to cyanobacterial strains isolated from a variety of natural habitats: Implications for environmental biotechnologyAdhikari, Samrat
16-Apr-2012Regulation of glucocorticoid receptors during postnatal development of chickenNongbri, Daniel
14-Apr-2012Regulation of adenosine deaminase during postnatal development of chicken (Full-Text)Bhattacharjee, Piyali
12-Apr-2012Study of molecular changes in tumor suppressor genes during carcinognesis (Full-Text)Choudhury, Yashmin
27-Mar-2012Studies on preservation and conservation of cyanobacteria (Full-text)Bhattacharjee, Amrita
10-Dec-2011Study of chemical carcinogen induced genomic instabilityBhattacharjee, Chaitali
7-Dec-2011Elucidation of correlation between poly-adp-ribosylation of cellular proteins and human cancers (Full text in PDF)Lakadong, Rennie O
3-May-2011Studies of physico-chemical and kinetic characterization of cathepsin B from goat spleenChoudhury, Santanu Deb
3-May-2011Studies on physiological and biochemical aspects of sporulation in nitrogen-fixing cyanobacterium nostoc speciesKyndiah, Omarlin
25-Apr-2011Physicochemical changes in the glucocorticoid receptor during developoment of miceBorbhuiya, Md Monsur Ahmed
25-Apr-2011Developmental and hormonal regulation of malate-aspartate shuttle enzymes in chickenLyngdoh, Herbert Goldfield
25-Apr-2011Role of ammonium and glutamine transport systems in nitrogen control of nitrogenase in nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteriaPrakasham, Reddy Shetty
25-Apr-2011Purification and properties of buffalo (bubalus bubalis) plasma fibronectinChoudhury, Nandini
25-Apr-2011Studies on the physico-chemical and biological properties of buffalo (bubalus bubalis) kidney cathepsin BLamsal, Madhab
25-Apr-2011Physiological and biochemical characterization of nitrogen metabolism in anthoceros-nostoc symbiosisBorthakur, Mayashree
25-Apr-2011Biochemical aspects of betel nut carcinogenesisWary, Kishore Kumar
25-Apr-2011Study of DNA damage induced by low and high Linear Energy Transfer (LET) radiationHumtsoe, J Orenthung
25-Apr-2011Functional and conformational studies of hemoglobins of cow and water buffaloBhuyan, Abani K
25-Apr-2011Regulatory changes in enzymes of malate-aspartate shuttle during development and aging of miceDey, Santa
25-Apr-2011Study of tumor regression by presenting liposome-encapsulated Tumor Associated Antigens (TAA) to the immune systemLongkumer, Imliwati
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 27