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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Feb-2010Resonant Electron Tunneling in Single Quantum well Heterostructure junction of Electrodeposited metal Semiconductor nanostructures using Nuclear track filters.Biswas, A.; Avasthi, D.K.; Singh, Benoy K.; Lotha, S.; Singh, J.P.; Fink, D.; Yadav, B.K.; Bhattacharya, B.; Bose, S.K.
4-Feb-2010Electron induced modification in Poly(ethylene terephthalate).Mishra, R.; Tripathy, S.P.; Dwivedi, K.K.; Khathing, D.T.; Ghosh, S.; Muller, M.; Fink, D.
4-Feb-2010Response of Cellulose detectors to different doses of 62?MeV Protons.Tripathy, S.P.; Mishra, R.; Dwivedi, K.K.; Ghosh, S.; Fink, D.; Kathing, D.T.
4-Feb-2010Impact of electrons irradiation on particle track etching response in polyallyl diglycol carbonate (PADC).Mishra, R; Tripathy, S.P.; Kulshrestha, A.; Srivastava, A.; Ghosh, S.; Dwivedi, K.K.; Khathing, D.T.; Muller, M.; Fink, D.
4-Feb-2010Protons Induced Modification In Poly(ethylene terephthalate)Tripathy, S.P.; Mishra, R.; Dwivedi, K.K.; Khathing, D.T.; Ghosh, S; Fink, D.
4-Feb-2010Optical absorption studies in heavy ion irradiated polymersTripathy, S.P.; Mishra, R.; Khathing, D.T.; Kulshrestha, A.; Dwivedi, K.K.; Srivastava, A.; Ghosh, S.; Fink, D.
5-Feb-2010Optical and electrical properties of some electron and proton irradiated polymers.Mishra, R.; Tripathy, S.P.; Sinha, D.; Dwivedi, K.K.; Ghosh, S.; Khathing, D.T.; Muller, M.; Fink, D.; Chung, W.H.
22-Feb-2010The Effects of Swift Heavy Ion Irradiation on the Radiochemistry and Melting Characteristics of PET.Biswas, A.; Lotha, S.; Fink, D.; Singh, J.P.; Avasthi, D.K.; Yadav, B.K.; Bose, S.K.; Khating, D.T.; Avasthi, A.M.
4-Feb-2010Dose-dependent modification in makrofol-N and polyimide by proton irradiation.Mishra, R; Tripathy, S.P.; Dwivedi, K.K.; Khathing, D.T.; Ghosh, S.; Fink, D.
4-Feb-2010Proton dose-dependent modification in track etching response in some polymers.Tripathy, S. P; Mishra, R.; Dwivedi, K.K; Khathing, D.T.; Ghosh, S.; Fink, D.