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Title: Studies on neutron production in the interaction of 7.4 GEV protons with extended lead target
Authors: Hashemi-Nezhad, S R
Brandt, R
Ochs, M
Wan, J S
Schmidt, Th
Langrock, E J
Vater, P
Adam, J
Bamblevskij, V P
Bradnova, V
Gelovani, L K
Kalinnikov, V K
Krivopustov, M I
Kulakov, B A
Sosnin, A N
Perelygin, V P
Pronskikh, V S
Stegailov, V I
Tsoupko-Sitnikov, V M
Modolo, G
Odoj, R
Philippen, P W
Adloff, J C
Debeauvais, M
Zamani-Valassiadou, M
Dwivedi, K K
Wilson, B
Keywords: Neutron distribution
Subcritical systems
L R 115 2B detector
Issue Date: 19-Aug-2010
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