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Title: Diphenyltin(IV) complexes of the 5-[(E)-2-(aryl)-1-diazenyl]quinolin-8-olates: synthesis and multinuclear NMR, 119Sn Mossbauer, electrospray ionization MS, X-ray characterization and assessment of in vitro cytotoxicity
Authors: Basu Baul, Tushar S
Mizar, Archana
Lycka, Antonin
Rivarola, Eleonora
Jirasko, Robert
Holcapek, Michal
Vos, Dick de
Englert, Ulli
Keywords: 5-[(E)-2-(aryl)-1-diazenyl]quinolin-8-olates
Diphenyltin(IV) complexes
119mSn mossbauer
Crystal structures
Issue Date: 2-Aug-2010
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