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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-May-2011Micropropagation and conservation of critically endangered mantisia spathulata schult and mantisia wengeri fischer (zingiberaceae) of North-East IndiaBhowmik, Sudipta Shekhar Das
26-May-2011Clonal propagation and cryopreservation of dendrobium longicornu lindl and dendrobium formosum roxb: Two endangered orchids of North-East IndiaDohling, Stadwelson
7-Jul-2011Andogenic doubled haploids in indica rice: In vitro induction, plant regenration and evaluationBhuyan, Rabindra Nath
7-Jul-2011Electron microscopy and molecular biology of frankiaSen, Arnab
13-Jul-2011In vitro propagation and conservation of cymbidium devonianum paxt and dendrobium lituiflorium lindl rare and threatened epiphytic orchids of North-East IndiaDas, Meera Chettri
10-Apr-2010Rapid in vitro clonal propagation of mantisia spathulata Schult, a rare and endemic plant of Northeastern India for recoveryTandon, Pramod; Bhowmik, Sudipta Shekhar D; Mao, Ashiho A; Kumaria, Suman
2-Aug-2010Propagation of Cymbidium giganteum wall through high frequency conversion of encapsulated protocorms under in vivo and in vitro conditionsCorrie, Shashi; Tandon, Pramod
24-Apr-2010In vitro regeneration of pitcher plant (Nepenthes khasiana Hook f.) - A rare insectivorous plant of IndiaRathore, T S; Tandon, Pramod; Shekhawat, N S
7-May-2010Mechanism of in vitro gall induction in zizyphus jujuba lamkTandon, Pramod; Vyas, G S; Arya, H C
11-Jun-2010Protocorn regeneration, multiple shoot induction and ex vitro establishment of Cymbidium devonianum paxtDas, Meera Chettri; Kumaria, Suman; Tandon, Pramod