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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-May-2011Molecular typing of Frankia in the field collected actinorhizal root nodules from different altitudes in SikkimKhan, Anindita
7-Jul-2011Studies on interaction between vam fungi and frankia in non-leguminous tree species (alnus sp) of North-East IndiaPradhan, Mahendra
7-Jul-2011Electron microscopy and molecular biology of frankiaSen, Arnab
4-Jul-2011Study of genetic diversity of frankia alni strains isolated from alnus nepalensis root nodules found in MeghalayaGanesh, G
4-Mar-2010Some aspects of actinorhizal symbiosisMishra, Arvind K; Verghese, Susamma K
4-Mar-2010Molecular diversity of Frankia from root nodules of Hippophae salicifolia D.Don found in SikkimKhan, Anindita; Myrold, David D; Mishra, Arvind K
3-Mar-2010Frankia Genus-Specific Characterization by Polymerase Chain ReactionSimonet, Pascal; Grosjean, Marie-Claire; Mishra, Arvind K; Nazaret, Sylvie; Cournoyer, Benoit; Normand, Philippe
3-Mar-2010Evolutionary implications of nucleotide sequence relatedness between alnus nepalensis and alnus glutinosa and also between corresponding frankia microsymbiontsVarghese, Rajani; Chauhan, Vineeta Singh; Mishra, Arvind K
3-Mar-2010Hypervariable spacer regions are good sites for developing specific PCR-RFLP markers and PCR primers for screening actinorhizal symbiontsVarghese, Rajani; Chauhan, Vineeta; Mishra, Arvind K
4-Mar-2010Immobilized Frankia spores remained viable on dry storage and on restoration to medium regenerated active coloniesBorthakur, Mayashree; Sen, Arnab; Misra, Arvind K