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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Feb-2013Low genetic diversity as revealed by SPAR methods possibly leads to extinction of two critically-endangered and endemic species of MantisiaSharma, S K; Bhowmik, S S D; Kumaria, S; Tandon, P; Rao, S Rama
9-Feb-2013Long-term conservation through cryopreservation of immature seed of mantisisa spathulata and mantisia wengeri; two endangered plants of North-East IndiaBhowmik, S S Das; Kumaria, S; Tandon, P
11-Feb-2013Micropropagation of ilex khasiana, a critically endangered and endemic holly of Northeast IndiaDang, Jiten Chandra; Kumaria, Suman; Kumar, Shrawan; Tandon, Pramod
13-Feb-2013Comparative karyo-morphology of the two endemic and critically-endangered species of Mantisia (Zingiberaceae)Sharma, Santosh Kumar; Kumaria, Suman; Tandon, Pramod; Rao, Satyawada Rama
14-Feb-2013In vitro asymbiotic seed gemination of dendrobium densiflorum lindlBhattacharjee, B; Tandon, P; Kumaria, S
19-Feb-2013Efficient In vitro plant regeneration protocol from leaf explant of jatropha curcas L – A promising biofuel plantKumar, Shrawan; Kumaria, Suman; Tandon, Pramod
7-Feb-2013In vitro plantlet regeneration from nodal segments and shoot tips of capsicum chinense Jacq. cv. Naga king chiliKehie, Mechuselie; Kumaria, Suman; Tandon, Pramod
9-Feb-2013Storage and high conversion frequency of encapsulated protocorm-like bodies of Cymbidium devonianum (orchid)Das, Meera Chettri; Kumaria, Suman; Tandon, P
19-Feb-2013Sequence characteristics and phylogenetic implications of the nrDNA internal transcribed spacers (ITS) in the genus Nymphaea with focus on some Indian representativesDkhar, Jeremy; Kumaria, Suman; Rao, Satyawada Rama; Tandon, Pramod
19-Feb-2013Ex situ conservation of cymbidium eburneum Lindl: A threatened and vulnerable orchid, by asymbiotic seed germinationGogoi, Kiran; Kumaria, Suman; Tandon, Pramod