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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Feb-2010Biomass and production of fine and coarse roots during regrowth of a disturbed subtropical humid forest in north-east IndiaArunachalam, A; Pandey, H N; Tripathi, R S
4-Mar-2010Vascular plant diversity in the sacred groves of Jaintia Hills in northeast IndiaAlemmeren, S; Pandey, H N
2-Feb-2010Tree regeneration in subtropical Humid Forest:Effect of Culture Disturbance on Seed Production, Dispersal and GerminationBarik, S K; Tripathi, R S; Pandey, H N; Rao, P
2-Feb-2010Effects of anthropogenic disturbance on plant diversity and community structure of a sacred grove in Meghalaya, northeast IndiaMishra, B P; Tripathi, O P; Tripathi, R S; Pandey, H N
2-Feb-2010Decomposition of fine roots of Pinus Kesiya and turnover of organic matter, N and P of coarse and fine roots and herbaceous roots and rihizomes in subtropical pine forest stands of different agesJohn, B; Pandey, H N; Tripathi, R S
2-Feb-2010Dynamics of Buried Seed Population and Seedling Chorts of Two Dominant Weeds in a Hill Agroecosystem of the Humid Subtropics of IndiaMishra, J; Pandey, H N; Tripathi, R S; Sahoo, U K
2-Feb-2010Community composition and tree population structure in a sub-tropical broad-leved forest along a disturbance gradientRao, P; Barik, S K; Pandey, H N; Tripathi, R S
2-Feb-2010Tree diversity in sacred groves of the jaintia hills in Meghalaya, northeast IndiaUpadhaya, K; Pandey, H N; Law, P S; Tripathi, R S
5-Feb-2010Tree seed germination and seedling establishment in treefall gaps and understorey in a suptropical forest of North India.Rao, P.; Barik, S K; Pandey, H N; Tripathy, R S
3-Apr-2010Nutrient cycling in an excessively rainfed subtropical grassland at CherrapunjiPandey, H N; Tripathi, R S; Shankar, Uma