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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Apr-2010Utilization of RAPD marker to analyze natural genetic variation in calligonum polygonoides L. - a key stone species of Thar desertBewal, Sangeeta; Sharma, Santosh Kumar; Parida, Ajay; Shivam, Sadha; Rama Rao, Satyawada; Kumar, Arun
24-Apr-2010Influence of roadside pollution on the phylloplane microbial community of Alnus nepalensis (Betulaceae)Joshi, S R
24-Apr-2010Studies on cytogenetical variation in Prosopis cineraia (Linn.) druce - a key stone tree species of Indian desertRawat, D; Kumar, A; Rao, S R
24-Apr-2010Microbial communities associated with cave systems in Meghalaya, IndiaJoshi, S R; Saikia, Purabi; Pyngrope, Maya H
24-Apr-2010Microbial community on leaf surfaces of broad-leaved alder (Alnus nepalensis D. Don) and needle-leaved khasi pine (Pinus kesiya Royle Ex Gordan) as influenced by atmospheric dry deposition of roadside pollution in Eastern HimalayasJoshi, Santa Ram; Bhagobaty, Ranjan Kumar; Kumar, Rakshak
24-Apr-2010Mapping the sites of putative tumor suppressor genes at 6p25 and 6p21.3 in cervical carcinoma: occurrence of allelic deletions in precancerous lesions1Chatterjee, Anupam; Pulido, Hugo Arias; Koul, Sanjay; Beleno, Nestor; Perilla, Ana; Posso, Hector; Manusukhani, Mahesh; Murty, Vundavalli V V S
24-Apr-2010Microbial degradation of organophosphorous pesticide: chlorpyrifos (Mini-review)Bhagobaty, Ranjan Kumar; Joshi, Santa Ram; Malik, Abdul
24-Apr-2010Tungrymbai- a traditional fermented soybean food of the ethnic tribes of MeghalayaSohliya, Ibakordor; Joshi, S R; Bhagobaty, Ranjan K; Kumar, Rakshak
24-Apr-2010DNA damaged protective activity of the crude metabolites of endophytic fungi isolated from two ethno-pharmacologically important medicinal plants of the khasi hills of Meghalaya, IndiaBhagobaty, R K; Joshi, S R
24-Apr-2010Prediction of the microbial biodegradative pathway of organophosphorus pesticide chlorpyrifos using the web based open access pathway prediction system of the University of Minnesota's Biocatalysis/Biodegradation databaseBhagobaty, R K; Joshi, S R; Das, R N