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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Dec-2010Evidence for the role of glutamine synthetase in assimilation of aminoacids as nitrogen source in the cyanobacterium nostoc muscorumSingh, A K; Singh, H N; Rai, A N
8-Dec-2010Immunogold localization of hydrogenase in the cyanobacterial-plant symbioses peltigera canina, anthoceros punctatus and gunnera magellanicaRai, A N; Borthakur, M; Soderback, E; Bergman, B
8-Dec-2010Regulation of nitrogen transport, nitrogen metabolism and extracellular production of ammonia in the cyanobacterium nostoc muscorumSingh, H N; Rai, A N; Singh, A K; Verma, S K; Katiyar, S
8-Dec-2010Transport of inorganic nitrogen in cyanobacteria: Implications for biotechnologyRai, A N; Prakasham, R
8-Dec-2010Nitrogenase in free-living and symbiotic cyanobacteria: immunoelectron microscopic localizationBergman, Birgitta; Lindblad, Peter; Rai, Amar N
8-Dec-2010Glutamate inhibition of aerobic N2 fixation and its regulation by nitrate and ammonium in cyanobacterium nostoc muscorumSingh, A K; Verma, S K; Singh, H N; Rai, A N
8-Dec-2010Symbiotic cyanobacteria: Biotechnological applicationsRai, A N; Borthakur, M; Paul, D
8-Dec-2010Intracellular cyanobiont richelia intracellularis: ultrastructure and immuno-localisation of phycoerythrin, nitrogenase, rubisco and glutamine synthetaseJanson, S; Rai, A N; Bergman, B
8-Dec-2010Regulation of primary ammonia assimilation and expression of nitrogenase and glutamine synthetase, by nitrate and ammonia, in heterocystsRai, A N
8-Dec-2010Modification of NO3- metabolism in heterocysts of the N2-fixing cyanobacterium anabaena 7120 (ATCC27893)Rai, Amar N; Bergman, Birgitta
8-Dec-2010Correlation between nitrogenase and glutamine synthetase expression in the cyanobacterium anabaena cylindricaRenstrom-Kellner, Eva; Rai, Amar N; Bergman, Birgitta
8-Dec-2010The cycas revoluta-nostoc symbiosis: Enzymes activities of nitrogen and carbon metabolism in the cyanobiontLindblad, Peter; Rai, Amar N; Bergman, Birgitta
8-Dec-2010General methodsRai, A N
8-Dec-2010Symbiotic nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteriaStewart, W D P; Rowell, P; Rai, A N
8-Dec-2010Nitrogenase derepression, its regulation and metabolic changes associated with diazotrophy in the non-heterocystous cyanobacterium plectonema boryanum PCC 73110Rai, A N; Borthakur, M; Bergman, B
8-Dec-2010Occurrence, synthesis and activity of glutamine synthetase in N2-fixing lichensSampaio, Maria Jose A M; Rai, A N; Rowell, P; Stewart, W D P
8-Dec-2010Cyanobacteria in symbiosis: A reviewRai, A N
8-Dec-2010Cyanobacterial-plant symbiosesBergman, Birgitta; Rai, Amar N; Johansson, Christina; Soderback, Erik
8-Dec-2010The marine lichen lichina confinis (O. F. Mull) C. Ag. : ultrastructure and localization of nitrogenase, glutamine synthetase, phycoerythrin and ribulose 1, 5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase in the cyanobiontJanson, Sven; Rai, Amar N; Bergman, Birgitta
8-Dec-2010N2 fixation by non-heterocystous cyanobacteriaBergman, B; Gallon, J R; Rai, A N; Stal, L J
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 65