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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Apr-2010Pentamethylcyclopentadienyl ruthenium(II) complexes of para-substituted N-(pyrid-2-ylmethylene)-phenylamine ligands: syntheses, spectral and structural studiesSingh, Keisham Sarjit; Carroll, Patrick J; Kollipara, Mohan Rao
22-Nov-2010Syntheses and characterization of 5-pentamethylcyclopentadienyl rhodium(III) and iridium(III) complexes containing polypyridylsGovindaswamy, Padavattan; Kollipara, Mohan R
24-Apr-2010New mononuclear ruthenium complexes of ŋ5 -cyclichydrocarbon containing azine ligands: Syntheses, spectral and structural studiesSingh, Keisham Sarjit; Mozharivskyj, Yurij A; Thone, Carsten; Kollipara, Mohan Rao
10-Apr-2010Part 1:1,3-Dipolar addition of activated alkyne towards coordinated azido group in ruthenium (II) complexes containing ŋ5 -cyclichydrocarbonsSingh, Keisham Sarjit; Thone, Carsten; Kollipara, Mohan Rao
27-Nov-2011Synthesis and characrerization of [(Cp*)Ru(PPh3)(N-base)]X and [(n5-C9H7)Ru(PPh3)(N-base)]X complexes: crystal and molecular structure of the complex [(n5-C9H7)Ru(PPh3)(phen)]PF6 (Cp*=C5Me5, indenyl=C9H7;N-bases= bipy. and phen.; X=BF4 or PF6)Rao, Kollipara Mohan; Rymmai, Evergreen K
31-May-2010Cationic half-sandwich complexes (Rh, Ir, Ru) containing 2-substituted-1,8-naphthyridine chelating ligands: Synthesis, X-ray structure analyses and spectroscopic studiesPrasad, Kota Trirumala; Therrien, Bruno; Kollipara, Mohan Rao
9-Dec-2011New pentamethylcyclopentadienyl rhodium and iridium complexes containing arylazoimdazole ligands: Crystal and molecular structure of the complex [(η5-C5Me5)RhCl(Me-C6H4-N=N-C3H3N2)]+Govindaswami, P; Mozharivskyj, Yurij A; Kollipara, Mohan Rao
5-Mar-2013Spectral and structural studies of platinum group metal complexes of 3-(Di-2-Pyridylaminomethyl)Benzamide and formation of mutual intermolecular hydrogen bonding in some complexesGloria, Sairem; Wang, Peng; Mohan Rao, Kollipara
7-Feb-2013Syntheses, spectral and structural characterization of n5- and n6-cyclic r-perimeter hydrocarbon platinum group metal complexes containing pyridazine–NHC analoguesAnna, Venkateswara Rao; Kollipara, Mohan Rao
11-Feb-2013Isolation and spectral studies of water-soluble n5-cyclichydrocarbon rhodium and iridium complexes with pyridyl diketone analogues bonded through k2-N/O, k4–N\O, and k3-N-C-N modesNongbri, Saphidabha L; Das, Babulal; Rao, Kollipara Mohan