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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Mar-2010A facile access to 2-methylthio/alkoxy/amino-3-acylimidazo [1,2-a]pyridines based on cupric chloride promoted oxidative ring closure of a-oxoketene N,S-,N,O-, and N,N-acetalsBarun, Okram; Ila, H; Junjappa, H; Mukherjee Singh, Okram
4-Aug-2010Trimethylsilyl chloride assisted conjugate addition-elimination of organocopper reagents to 2-Bis(methylthio)nitroethylene: an efficient and highly stereoselective synthesis of 2-Methylthio-2-alkyl/aryl-1-nitroethylenes and their application for synthesis of nitroheterocyclesTerang, Nobin; Mehta, Barun K; Ila, H; Junjappa, H
19-Aug-2010Synthesis and reactions of 2-Bis(methylthio)methylene-1-methyl-3-oxoindole: a facile access to benzo and heterocyclo-fused carbazoles and indolesBasaveswara, M V; Kumar, U K Syam; Ila, H; Junjappa, H
4-Aug-2010Highly efficient and selective displacement of alkylthio group on acylketene O,S-acetals by organocopper reagents: A novel route to 2-alkoxy/aryloxy-1-alkenylketonesMehta, Barun K; Dhar, Sanchita; Ila, H; Junjappa, H
18-Aug-2010An expedient new synthesis of substituted carbazoles via a-Oxoketene acetals through heteroaromatic annelation methodologyPatra, Pranab K; Suresh, J R; Ila, H; Junjappa, H
3-Nov-2010Reaction of -oxodithioesters with propargylamine: a facile entry to novel 2-(Acylalkylidene)-5-(Methylene) thiazolidinesChandrasekharam, M; Singh, O Mukherjee; Ila, H; Junjappa, H
18-Aug-20101-(Methyldithiocarbonyl)imidazole: a useful thiocarbonyl transfer reagent for synthesis of substituted thioureasMohanta, Pramod K; Dhar, Sanchita; Samal, S K; Ila, H; Junjappa, H
18-Aug-2010Benzoannelation of 2-methylindole via 1-N-Carboxy-2-methylindole dianion: a direct regiospecific route to substituted and annelated carbazolesKumar, U K Syam; Patra, Pranab K; Ila, H; Junjappa, H
29-Mar-2010Regioselective synthesis of substituted 1-methyl- and 2-methylnaphthalenesYadav, K Mallik; Mohanta, Pramod K; Ila, H; Junjappa, H
18-Aug-2010Preparation of lithium 5-lithiomethyl-3-methylpyrazole-1-carboxylate and its reaction with a-Oxoketene dithioacetals: a new general method for substituted and annelated pyrazolo[1,5-a] pyridinesKishore, Kaushal; Reddy, K R; Suresh, J R; Ila, H; Junjappa, H