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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Apr-2010Structural modifications and tract registration response of some gamma irradiated polycarbonate detectorsSinha, D; Ghosh, S; Dwivedi, K K; Fink, D
5-Jul-2010Etchable track lengths of 3.56 GeV 208Pb in various dielectric solidsGhosh, S; Raju, J; Dwivedi, K K
1-Jun-2010Calibration of CR-39 and ZnP-glass detectors with 350 MeV 90Zr ionsRaju, J; Ghosh, S; Saxena, A; Dwivedi, K K
17-Aug-2010Indoor radon measurement in some Indian citiesDwivedi, K K; Ghosh, S; Singh, S; Limatemjen; Satyanarayana, J; Murthy, G S; Prasad, J; Srivastava, A
21-Aug-2010On the redistribution of 10KeV hydrogen in CulnSe2Fink, D; Krauser, J; Lippold, G; Yakushev, M V; Tomlinson, R D; Weidinger, A; Dwivedi, K K; Ghosh, S; Chung, W H
3-May-2010Measurement of range and energy loss of 208Pb in Makrofol-GKulshreshtha, A; Ghosh, S; Dwivedi, K K
6-May-2010Effects of gamma rays on PADC detectorsSinha, D; Ghosh, S; Srivastava, A; Dedgaonkar, V G; Dwivedi, K K
30-Apr-2010Energy loss and mean ranges of 129Xe ions in mica and makrofol-KgKulshreshtha, A; Laldawnglana, C; Mishra, R; Ghosh, S; Dwivedi, K K; Brandt, R; Fink, D
17-Aug-2010On the penetration of aqueous solutions into pristine and radiation damaged polyimideGhosh, S; Klett, R; Fink, D; Dwivedi, K K; Vacik, J; Hnatowicz, V; Cervene, J
29-Mar-2010Mean ranges of 161Dy in hostaphan and kapton and maximum etchable track lengths in ZnP-Glass detectorGhosh, S; Sinha, D; Mawar, A K; Singh, S; Srivastava, A; Dwivedi, K K; Brandt, R