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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Jul-2011Mass spectrometry of some metal compounds and studies on fluoro and acetylacetonato compounds of chromiumRoy, Nirmalendu
18-Jul-2011Some aspects of chemistry of thioamide vinylogs. N, N - dimethyl - N' - thiobenzoylformamidines and related systemsBaruah, Parag Dhar
25-Jul-2011Kinetics of reduction of transition metal ions by sodium tetrahydroborateGupta, Manash Das
25-Jul-2011Newer synthetic methods for novel heterocycles via oxoketene-S, S-, S, N- and N, N-AcetalsChakrasali, R T
26-Jul-2011Synthesis and physico-chemical studies heteroligand-peroxyvanadate(V) and fluoronickelate (II) complexes and direct systhesis of bis (acelacetonato) nickel (II) dihydrate as well as the isolation of α, α, β, β-tetra acetylethane as the oxidation product of acetylacetoneHiese, Zavei
26-Jul-2011Investigations on oxoketene dithioacetals: New carbon - carbon bond formation reactions and their further transformations to novel carbocycles and heterocyclesGupta, Arun Kumar
26-Jul-2011Studies on fluoro, mixed-fluoro, and acetylacetonato complexes of cobalt(II) and copper(II) peroxo-complexes of copper(II)Devi, Minakshi
26-Jul-2011Synthesis, structural assessment and studies of reactivity of 2- (arylazo) pyridine complexes of ruthenium, rhodium and silverDeb, Alok K
25-Jul-2011Kinetics of oxidation of some organic compounds by quinolimium dichromateChaubey, Girija Shankar
26-Jul-2011Newer synthetic methods via α-oxoketene S, S - and , N - acetalsReddy, Kethiri Raghava