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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Nov-2006Description of a procedure for evaluating the induced field contributions from the bulk of the mediumAravamudhan, S
4-Oct-2011Synthesis, spectroscopic characterization of tribenzyltin(IV) complexes of polyaromatic carboxylic acid ligands: crystal and molecular structures of Bz3Sn[O2CC6H4-{N=N(C6H3-4-Oh(C(H)=NC6H4X-4))}-0](OH2)(X=-C1, -OCH3)Basu Baul, Tushar S; Singh, Keisham Surjit; Linden, Anthony; Song, Xueqing; Eng, George
4-Oct-2011Etectrical Conductance of 0.3[xNaSCN + (1 - x)KSCN] + 0.7Na2S20305.1H2M0 eltsIslam, Shakira; Ismail, Kochi
9-Nov-2011Synthesis and characterization of triphenyltin(IV) 5-[(E)-2-(aryl)-1-diazenyl]-2-hydroxybenzoates. Crystal and molecular structures of Ph3Sn{O2CC6H3-p-OH[NN(C6H4-4-CH3)]} and the 2,2' - bipyridine adduct Ph3Sn{O2CC6H3-p-OH[N=N(C6H4-2-CH3)]}OH2 . C10H8N2Basu Baul, Tushar S; Rynjah, Wandondor; Rivarola, Eleonora; Linden, Anthony
20-Feb-2011Time Resolved Spectroscopy principles and scope of the TRS technique for studying and molecules processesAravamudhan, S
14-Dec-2010Line shape in magnetic resonance and the average static magnetic field at a site: the role of discreteness and continuum within the materialsAravamudhan, S
17-Feb-2011Solid state NMR: enduring questions for the possibility of arbitrary specimen shape in HR PMR of crystalline solidsAravamudhan, S
24-Feb-2011Wave motion (A classroom illustration of the mechanism of wave propagation)Aravamudhan, S
23-Mar-2011An illustration of Crystal Field effects: Refresher course presentationAravamudhan, S
26-Jun-2011LEP (Science and technology education) under LEPAravamudhan, S