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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Jul-2011New synthetic routes to carbocycles and heterocycles via α- oxoketene dithioacetalsKishore, Kaushal
29-Jul-2011Studies on the chemistry of ruthenium with schiff-base and related ligandsChoudhury, Subrata
4-Aug-2011Part A: Synthetic studies on lead (IV) acetate oxidations: studies on 1, 2-carbonyl transpositions and related reactions and part B: Development of general methods for the synthesis of diaryl methanes and stilbenes from azinesVattakunnel, Felix Mathew
4-Aug-2011Single electron transfer reaction studies by optical and ESR spectroscopy (A case study of nucleic acid bases)Bhattacharjee, Suchandra
4-Aug-2011Synthetic investigations on polarized ketene dithioacetals: Novel methods for the synthesis of carbocycles and heterocyclesBalu, M P
4-Aug-2011Studies on paramagnetic and redox properties of some metalloporphyrinsMurugan, A
4-Aug-2011Spectroscopic and thermodynamic studies of micellar interaction with organic solutes and studies on the effect of concentrated and temperature on cationic transference number of CuSO4 at constant pHSinha, Aseem
30-Jul-2011Synthesis, characterization and reactivity studies of some mixed ligand complexes of ruthenium (II) and rhodium (III) and novel synthesis and crystal structure of hydrotris (3,5-di-methylpyrazolyl) borate 1-Iminomethyl-3,5-dimethylpyrazole copper (II) perchlorateSarkhel, Prashanta
29-Jul-2011Part A: Studies on polarized keten dithioacetals and Part B: Synthesis of 1-aryl-2-cyanoaziridines and their reaction with indoleApparao, Satyam
29-Jul-2011Some contributions to oxo, fluoro, and peroxo chemistry of boron and titaniumDas, Bimalendu